Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I'm an advocate of big brows and big lashes. As you can see, I have more than enough in the way of brows, but I can always do with more help in the lash region. I've had semi-permanent lash extensions before and the results have been on a sliding scale of good, bad and painful. My best experience so far was at Urban Retreat but at nearly £200 a pop, it's not really feasible on a regular basis.

I'd been looking for a new lash person when I spotted Jen's fluttery new lashes over on her Instagram page. I immediately booked an appointment* with Lash Lab, a company run by a seriously lovely woman called Kym, specialising in eyelash extensions. Lash Lab has set up shop in Brick Lane - handy for me as I often work in the area - so I hopped over there one evening for my very own transformation.

I should preface this review with the fact that I was in a terrible, terrible mood, the likes of which I thought nothing could lift me. I had the ends of a nasty cold, I was seriously sleep-deprived and London had just turned dark and wintry. I'm not sure if it was therapist Pui Ling's lash-applying skills, her lovely manner (I do love a good chat when I'm getting beauty treatments done) or the finished result that shifted my blues, but once my hour was up, I was transformed - physically and, erm, emotionally. So much cheaper than psychotherapy, you guys.

The lashes lasted well over 6 weeks, didn't hurt at all during application or afterwards (I have experienced pain with other companies) and looked incredible, attracting many a compliment from envious friends. We're talking lashes of Bardot proportions, with no need for mascara or eyeliner. With other lash extensions, I have been left with one or two spidery lone lashes refusing to fall out (super awkward in meetings and on dates), but when these were done, they seemed to miraculously disappear without that awkward in-between stage. What's more, my own lashes are exactly as they were before - not sparser or thinner, something I've experienced before.

I had taken a 'before' photo, which, as you can imagine from my above description of my demeanour that day, was pretty horrific. So I'm afraid you only get the 'after' shots.

A full set of lashes costs £85 - so, so worth it, trust me, especially with the party season coming up - and you can book appointment via the Lash Lab website, or by calling Kym 07807 421 345 or emailing her (she's super responsive, in case you happen to have a lash emergency).

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary full set of eyelash extensions worth £85 in return for an honest and unbiased review. 


  1. Could not agree with you on this post more. I've been going to Lash Lab for a few years and it is my absolute favourite. Since I'm sadly not in the UK anymore I only get them done before fashion week each season but I would seriously be lost without them.

    Lash Lab is a godsend.

    So glad to hear you had a good experience! xx

    p.s. I think I'm the Jen you've referenced? :)

    1. Hi Jen! Yes, you are! Sorry - forgot to link, have amended that now! I have you to thank - I've never had such a great experience with semi-permanent extensions before!



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