Thursday, 14 February 2013

Contrary to what seems to be popular opinion (at least on Twitter this morning), I rather like Valentine's Day. Whether I'm single or attached for it, it's an excuse to embrace all things kitsch and get baking (for boyfriend, colleagues, whoever!).

This year I baked LOTS of neon pink sugar hearts (had to change up the colour levels to convey exactly how fluorescent they are in real life) using this simple recipe, a heart cutter and some very strong red food colouring gel - guaranteed to fill the recipient with love and E-numbers.


  1. Oh yum! You made those? They look absolutely delicious and what a sweet thought baking for everyone. We just do a nice dinner at home and a movie. Spend some nice time together but avoid the 'I should buy something' aspect of the day :) I hope you had a great day.

    xx Mandi

  2. Love your outlook on V Day, I embrace it as well!

  3. Great post! Happy V Day (for yesterday)!


  4. These look amazing! Looked at the recipe, might give it a try myself :). I made cake-pops in the shape of birthday cakes if you need another themed dessert:


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