Thursday, 11 February 2016

My kind of Throwback Thursday involves '60s-inspired boots and mini skirt, vintage beret and a second-hand '70s peocock chair I picked up from a lovely shop called Retro Joe in Crystal Palace. This is usually where my boyfriend waits as I have a few dozen outfit changes while calling out 'I'll be two seconds!'

River Island Boots | ASOS
Silver Skirt | River Island (Similar here)
Turtle Neck Jumper | ASOS
Jacket | H&M
Beret | Vintage (Similar here)
Peacock Chair | Vintage (Similar here)


Thursday, 4 February 2016
My name is Natalie and I am an ASOS-aholic. I make a daily pilgrimage to the 'New In' section, and DPD makes a similarly frequent trip to my house. It's a problem, albeit a wardrobe-fulfilling one. But seeing as I like to think I have an encyclopaedic knowledge of ASOS's best stuff, I figured I'd bring them to you on a monthly basis. Here's my wish list - or should I say, stuff I've mostly already purchased. And no, this ain't sponsored - I just really luv ASOS.


Monday, 11 January 2016

'You don't need another faux fur coat', my boyfriend pleaded. I think you'll understand that I did in fact need Sister Jane's Hayden jacket, if only to take me one step closer to replicating Kate Hudson's sartorial prowess in Almost Famous (note to self: must rewatch). It's now in the sale, so I suggest you follow suit immediately.

Buyers, a note - don't be alarmed by the flat, fuzzy faux shearling it arrives with - with some enthusiastic brushing, it fluffs up to marsmallowian (new word) proportions. Secondly, don't do what I did and wear straight out, with all-black, on a car journey to Bruges. By the time we arrived, outfit, boyfriend and car seats were covered in a film of fluff.

Hayden Jacket | Sister Jane
Bella Freud Jumper | Grazia Shop
Cheap Monday Jeans | Urban Outfitters
Bag | Chanel

Bella Freud Jumper | Grazia Shop
Trousers | Zara
Boots | Miu Miu
Vivetta Coat | Avenue 32
Bag | Chanel (vintage styles here)
Rilakkuma Phone Case | eBay
T-Shirt | Topshop (side note: best T-shirt EVER - have been wearing it non-stop)


Friday, 8 January 2016

*waves tentatively* It's been a while but needless to say, I'm back and clad in a forever longed-for jumper, that Bella Freud 'Je t'aims Jane' knit. I snapped it up at Grazia Shop just before Christmas and have been quite attached to it ever since, mourning it each time it hits the laundry basket.

It's been a busy few months. In between managing my one-woman social media agency and writing gigs, I've been frequenting the hallowed halls of Matches, where I stepped in as freelance Social Media Manager. The above photo depicts my usual uniform - said knit, cropped flares (this Zara pair has the perfect cut) and my silver space-girl booties by dear friend and acclaimed new designer, Camilla Elphick. Take a moment, I beseech you, to ogle my new Topshop faux fur. My maximalist tendencies will never die.

Bella Freud Jumper | Grazia Shop
Faux Fur Coat | Topshop (similar here)
Trousers | Zara
Bag | Chanel (vintage styles here)
Boots | Camilla Elphick

Bella Freud Jumper | Grazia Shop
Jeans | Topshop
Coat | Karen Millen
Camilla Elphick Boots | Luisa Via Roma
Nike Air Force 1 Trainers | ASOS
Sara's Bag Chill Pill Clutch | MATCHESFASHION.COM
Body | Topshop