Thursday, 24 September 2015

Many of my teenage years were spent gazing at long-haired skater boys (through bifocal specs, probably peering over a Jane Austen novel) and dreaming about wheeling along on my own board, Vans on foot and clad in Dickies. Being rather more bookish and ungainly than cool and daring (my brother's moniker for me: Safety Girl), I stuck to the confines of the library, my only concession to cool manifested via a pair of Converse All Stars. Fun fact: I once got detention after skipping P.E. to sit in the library.

This month, everything changed. OK, not much changed. I'm still bookish and have a wavering sense of balance, but I do now own a pair of hi-top Vans. And not just any hi-top Vans. Eley Kishimoto hi-top Vans. This is a re-issue of a vintage EK print, splashed across Vans' classic Sk8-Hi style. Dream collaboration, right?

Now this is a skate shoe I can get on board with - not literally though, I'd definitely break a leg.

Vans x Eley Kishimoto Sk8-Hi Trainers - ASOS (gifted)