Monday, 3 August 2015

I bought Zara's ubiquitous denim skirt a few months ago. I popped it in my wardrobe and there it stayed, bearing its swing tags and remaining unworn - bar the occasional at-home dress-up session. Those Instagram girls make it look so easy, I mused, as I grimaced at the frumpy figure in my bedroom mirror.

Unless one wants to resemble a history teacher or member of the Plymouth Brethren, heels are compulsory and an untucked top an absolute no-no - realisations that dawned on me as I stood amidst the floordrobe I'd created.

First, heels. Being freelance, I tend to spend most of my days in flats (thank goodness for Adidas Superstars), but needs must, and I made an exception for these seriously comfortable mules, which elevate without the tottering. With the addition a lightweight silk blouse - tucked in, of course - and some seventies-inspired shades, I was just about ready to enter the Outside World. But not before casting aside any remote temptation to don dangly earrings (small hoops are ideal), tying up my hair and finishing with a sleekly structured bag - the Baraboux Noush is my new favourite, and the perfect partner to denim.

Blouse | Zara (similar here)
Denim Skirt | Zara (similar here)
Mules | Next (similar here)
Round Frame Sunglasses | The Row x Linda Farrow
Noush Bag | Baraboux
Hoop Earrings | Accessorize (similar here)

Photography by Zoe Gibbs
Follow her on Instagram @zoegibbsphoto

P.s. I wrote a feature on the ultra talented Charlie May over at Because Magazine. Check it out here!


  1. I am a fan of this whole look - esp. that bag! 70s chic m'dear. xx


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