Sunday, 26 July 2015

If you're a blogger, you'll know that an outfit post isn't always as spontaneous as an insouciantly-seeming plaid-shirt-around-the-waist might suggest. Don't get me wrong, I have been known to wear wildly inappropriate garms in many scenarios, not limited to but including: non-ironic caffs (a notable ensemble involved three items made of sequins), McDonalds (faux fur and Louboutins) and even a meeting with my accountant (I thought a pink tweed short suit seems like the fitting choice - it wasn't).

Sometimes, hark, aforementioned photographs are staged. No longer will a self-timer and yellow Ikea lightbulbs do, I told myself, on a balmy day in late June. And so, I enlisted the help of my friend and photographer Zoe Gibbs, creator of the above snaps. There were indeed pre-picked outfits carefully laid out on my bed when I trotted off to meet Zoe at the station, but we ended up first photographing this outfit, into which had gone zero thought. Happily then, with a little spontaneity to thank, we ended up shooting not one but five of my wardrobe essentials - some old, some new - that I turn to when I have to roll out of bed and into the city, after I've snoozed Six Music 12 times (my poor boyfriend). They are as follows:

1. Denim jacket | Vintage (similar here)
Like leather jackets, their denim sibling subtly morphs through the seasons. Slight the sartorial evolution may seem, but when 2015 arrives, that nipped-in-at-the-waist, stone-bleached version that seemed so right in 2003, just won't do.  And so, despite owning four denim jackets, it turned out I didn't have the right one. I searched. Hell, did I search. My hunt resulted in the purchase and return of a Topshop number (I just couldn't abide the rips), a brief internet crush on H&M's seventies-inspired jacket (the cut is too long for my less-than-lithe frame), and finally, finally TRU LUV in the form of this vintage fella, via ASOS Marketplace. If I'd had the funds, I would have bought mine from Reformation; if I'd had the inclination, I would have vintage hauled an old Levis one. But this one'll do just fine.

2. Round Frame Sunglasses | The Row x Linda Farrow
There's something about aviators that give me a melancholic expression, while Lennon-style frames lend a slug-like quality to my big brows. These sunglasses by The Row are a happy crossbreed, neither inducing slug brows nor sad face. Yay! I've been trying to shake the habit of shoving my shades directly into the scratchy abyss of my bag - these babies are cradled into their leather papoose with the utmost care every time I wear them, which is daily.

3. Classic Sheffield Watch | Daniel Wellington
While my love for yellow gold will never wane, I'd been hankering after a silver watch - feels fresher for the new season, somehow. If you needed proof that Creative Visualisation works, the peeps over at Daniel Wellington materialised my dream watch (just in the nick of time - sorry, couldn't help it). The model in question is the Classic Sheffield in silver and it hasn't left my wrist. What's more, Daniel Wellington is offering 15% off any watch for Canned Fashion readers. Just type in the code CANNEDFASHION at checkout - it expires 31/08/15, so hurry!

4. Izzy Backpack | Opening Ceremony
I have a black bag problem predilection. I have accumulated a vast collection of the things and rarely deviate. When summer comes around and with it, an unearthed collection of hibernating summer frocks, my kohl-hued handbags seem too heavy or wintry, and I end up stuffing cards and phone and lipstick into pockets (and inevitably needing those sweeteners/hand cream/tampon that I've left behind). Not this year. I invested in Opening Ceremony's Izzy backpack - it's on sale at Moda Operandi, go go go! - and haven't looked back (unless I need to admire my backpack, ho ho ho). It's just peachy. Literally.

5. Glitter Boots | Zara (similar here)
If it were socially acceptable, I'd happily go about my daily business swathed in glitter. Alas, it is not, so I simply dip a toe in, or rather a whole foot. These Zara boots enable me to be ankle deep in the stuff on a daily basis and I love them for that. I found them sparkling in a lonely corner of the Zara sale, bearing curious similarity to those Saint Laurent magpie-satisfying beauties and no price tag. I squealed when the shop assistant scanned them and revealed the non-Saint Laurent price of £15. £15! Moments like that make braving the Jumanji-like Zara sale worthwhile.

Denim jacket | Vintage (similar here)
Round Frame Sunglasses | The Row x Linda Farrow
Classic Sheffield Watch | Daniel Wellington (15% off with the code CANNEDFASHION)
Izzy Backpack | Opening Ceremony
Glitter Boots | Zara (similar here)
Striped T-Shirt | Primark (similar here)
Denim Skirt | Topshop (similar here)

Photography by Zoe Gibbs
Follow her on Instagram @zoegibbsphoto

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