Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Another long overdue post, made evident by the fact I am bare-legged in these photos, a distant memory now that London is doused in drizzle. It was a good day when I arrived home to find a parcel waiting for me from the lovely people at Alice's Pig, containing the most beautiful party dress crafted from shimmering harlequin-adorned brocade. It is the most perfect fit and the sartorial soul mate of my Miu Miu Shoes of Dreams. I don't want to brag, but I will anyway. I got these glitter-sprayed, crystal-embellished sandals from a vintage seller on Etsy for a mere SIXTY ENGLISH POUNDS. I know, I know, I'd hate me too.

Thank you, Alice's Pig and Miuccia Prada for co-creating the most joy-bringing outfit I own.


Miu Miu Glitter Sandals 

P.s. This marks my 400th post! I guess time flies when you're posting narcissistic self-portraits. Thanks for reading, it really does mean a lot.


Monday, 25 November 2013
What with my blogging hiatus, I almost forgot to show you my favourite summer purchase, the Valentino Rockstud flats. I had a few NET-A-PORTER vouchers burning a hole in my virtual pocket, and, having salivated over these studded beauty for a good few months, decided to take the plunge.

I won't lie to you, I have had some serious trouble in the blister department with these guys. I made a rookie error of walking to meet my friend at Bluebird wearing these - with no stockings/tights - on the day I got them, and when I arrived, my heels had pretty much detached themselves from my body. But beauty is pain so I have invested in a mountain of Compeed plasters and we're taking it slow...



Saturday, 23 November 2013
I have my dear friend Anneli to thank for my latest brand obsession: Y.A.S. (available at Vero Moda and ASOS) is part of the Scandi group Bestseller (along with favourites Selected Femme and Vero Moda) and has some seriously covetable pieces this season. This Carven-esque jumper is one my winter wardrobe staples, and looks so much better IRL than on ASOS, where you can't really see or feel the delicious mohair blend.

I've been wearing this guy with my other current favourites: those vintage-style Topshop jeans and my go-to Louboutin boots.


Y.A.S. Jumper c/o Y.A.S.
Christian Louboutin Boots (similar here)

Photography by Aneeka Kotecha


Thursday, 21 November 2013

I got these bad ass Sennheiser headphones when I attended the Roksanda Ilincic show and I've been meaning to blog about them ever since. Like most humans in the world, I'm a music fan. Especially of the girl band variety (current and forever favourites are Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast and Deep Valley) I've never owned a pair of over ear, ~statement~ headphones (well apart from when I practise my electric guitar without wanting to irk my neighbours, but those bad boys don't see the light of day), so this snazzy green pair (a collaboration between Sennheiser and Roksanda) are a nice change to my ubiquitous Apple ear buds.

In the first photo, you can also see my new favourite Bouton stacking rings, which are pretty affordable and elicit oohs and aahs wherever I go. Plus my H&M midi ring which turned my finger green after about six wears. Oh well, we had fun together.

Oh, and let me wax lyrical about this H&M shearling gilet. It looks real (it's faux) and is a mere £34.99! My favourite high street find of the season. I got mine from the Oxford Circus store, downstairs, but have tracked it down online. Haven't taken it off since.


Christian Louboutin Boots (similar here)
Bouton Brilliant Cut and Oval Stacker Rings c/o Bouton
H&M Midi Ring

Photography by Aneeka Kotecha


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I'm an advocate of big brows and big lashes. As you can see, I have more than enough in the way of brows, but I can always do with more help in the lash region. I've had semi-permanent lash extensions before and the results have been on a sliding scale of good, bad and painful. My best experience so far was at Urban Retreat but at nearly £200 a pop, it's not really feasible on a regular basis.

I'd been looking for a new lash person when I spotted Jen's fluttery new lashes over on her Instagram page. I immediately booked an appointment* with Lash Lab, a company run by a seriously lovely woman called Kym, specialising in eyelash extensions. Lash Lab has set up shop in Brick Lane - handy for me as I often work in the area - so I hopped over there one evening for my very own transformation.

I should preface this review with the fact that I was in a terrible, terrible mood, the likes of which I thought nothing could lift me. I had the ends of a nasty cold, I was seriously sleep-deprived and London had just turned dark and wintry. I'm not sure if it was therapist Pui Ling's lash-applying skills, her lovely manner (I do love a good chat when I'm getting beauty treatments done) or the finished result that shifted my blues, but once my hour was up, I was transformed - physically and, erm, emotionally. So much cheaper than psychotherapy, you guys.

The lashes lasted well over 6 weeks, didn't hurt at all during application or afterwards (I have experienced pain with other companies) and looked incredible, attracting many a compliment from envious friends. We're talking lashes of Bardot proportions, with no need for mascara or eyeliner. With other lash extensions, I have been left with one or two spidery lone lashes refusing to fall out (super awkward in meetings and on dates), but when these were done, they seemed to miraculously disappear without that awkward in-between stage. What's more, my own lashes are exactly as they were before - not sparser or thinner, something I've experienced before.

I had taken a 'before' photo, which, as you can imagine from my above description of my demeanour that day, was pretty horrific. So I'm afraid you only get the 'after' shots.

A full set of lashes costs £85 - so, so worth it, trust me, especially with the party season coming up - and you can book appointment via the Lash Lab website, or by calling Kym 07807 421 345 or emailing her (she's super responsive, in case you happen to have a lash emergency).

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary full set of eyelash extensions worth £85 in return for an honest and unbiased review. 


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

You may or may not know, but I am a kloset Kardashian fan. Back in '11 I upgraded my TV package to include E! so I could watch KUWTK. I know. So when the lovely ladies from Lipsy approached me with the opportunity to interview one Miss Khloé Kardashian (who, along with Kourtney and Kim, has designed a sleek new collection for the British brand), I kouldn't refuse. So on Thursday night, I, along with a few of my favourite bloggers, found myself at the Langham Hotel in the presence of a glowing KK. I've been lucky enough to interview some pretty high-profile celebrities for work, but few have had such a fangirl-inducing effect on me as KhloKhlo. It was surreal, to say the least. Please note, in the pictures above, Khloé and Knatalie's 'closed mouths' and 'smiley mouths' poses. Totally unrehearsed. I'm basically an honorary Kardashian.

Without sounding krazily sycophantic, Khloé is beautiful - and oh so tiny (she told us she'd lost weight over the last year) - in real life. And boy, does she have bling. I kould hardly keep my beady eyes off her GIGANTIC engagement ring, offset with Margiela-style stacks from the Kardashian Kollection, yellow gold bands and a delicate gold hand chain. I would have liked to have asked her about every single piece, but alas, with only a kouple of minutes on the klock, I had to choose my questions karefully...

Knatalie: You have an enviable wardrobe. What's your most treasured piece?

Khloé: I am a shoe whore! I love all shoes, but my mom has vintage Alaia dresses from the '80s that she still has and gave me two of them, and I just love them. I think they're so beautiful. They're sentimental because my dad bought them for her. I don't even think I've worn them, they're just sentimental pieces and they're vintage and so chic and timeless. But shoes I could go on for days, I can't pick from my shoes!

Knatalie: I have to ask, what was it like working with Terry Richardson?

Khloé: He's major. His set energy is really fun and he plays loud crazy music. It was a dream. Kim's worked with him once before; for Kourtney and I it was our first time. He is so sweet and humble and just really mellow and laid back. Sometimes you'd think people would be more standoffish but he was almost thanking me and I'm like, 'Oh no, no, you're a photographer God, thank you!' I think the photos turned out phenomenally.

I'll leave you with my favourite dress of the kollection, a faux leather shift in white and black, as modelled by Kourtney and Khloé respectively... If you need me, I'll be wearing the white one while watching E!...

(In kase you kared) I'm wearing:

Chanel blouse (similar-ish here)
Isabel Marant jacket (similar here)
Zara skirt (similar here)
Christian Louboutin boots (similar here)


I'm not one to go gaga for a designer/high street collab, but Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop has really got me good. Candy-coloured shearling? Gimme. Creepy eye prints offset with ruffles and frills? Where do I sign up?! Here are my favourites from the collection, which launches Thursday. Race you to that gilet.


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Before you ask, no, I haven't abandoned Canned Fashion forever, I've just been on one of my work-related hiatuses. But I'm back - in traffic light red no less - in my brand spanking new Karl Lagerfeld coat, kindly sent to me by NET-A-PORTER.

It's from Uncle Karl's (my preferred term of endearment, justifiable only since Choupette's following me on Twitter) punk collection, and so, fittingly, it reveals glorious tartan lining when the sleeves are rolled or the collar popped. Much cooler than your classic crombie. Here, I'm wearing it with my new favourite Topshop jeans (they're p.e.r.f.e.c.t., pretty much haven't taken them off for the last month or so), old faithful Loubs and my PS1 which is now on its second strap. That's love.


Christian Louboutin Chelita Boots (similar here)

Photography by Aneeka Kotecha