Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Before you ask, no, I haven't abandoned Canned Fashion forever, I've just been on one of my work-related hiatuses. But I'm back - in traffic light red no less - in my brand spanking new Karl Lagerfeld coat, kindly sent to me by NET-A-PORTER.

It's from Uncle Karl's (my preferred term of endearment, justifiable only since Choupette's following me on Twitter) punk collection, and so, fittingly, it reveals glorious tartan lining when the sleeves are rolled or the collar popped. Much cooler than your classic crombie. Here, I'm wearing it with my new favourite Topshop jeans (they're p.e.r.f.e.c.t., pretty much haven't taken them off for the last month or so), old faithful Loubs and my PS1 which is now on its second strap. That's love.


Christian Louboutin Chelita Boots (similar here)

Photography by Aneeka Kotecha


  1. this coat is PERFECT!!!!!! in love with the tartan lining!!

  2. Wow that coat with the tartan inside just hits the spot. So great! And no shame wearing those jeans all month, I would too! I love them.


  3. Oh wow! Love the entire outfit! Normally I just like one or 2 things in an outfit on a blog, but this is amazing! The bag, the boots and the coat are amazing! The jeans i just must get myself! :)


  4. My PS1 needs a new strap as well, did you have to pay for yours?

    1. No, I got my PS1 from NET-A-PORTER so I just called them up and they sourced me a new one. I warn you though, it takes a while as they have to get the factory to send a new one out.

  5. Yay, happy that you're back! I must say I'm a bit disappointed in the quality of PS bags...I have a blue keepall and after only six months or so the color changed into greyish blue and the handles started showing a lot of wear. Design wise, it's still my favorite bag though.

  6. Love the red coat Natalie. You look so striking in bright colours! I have the PS1 too in black and opted for the version with the black (coated) hardware. Disappointed I did though at the main clasp has lost the black coating in places. It started doing this on first wear and I'm pretty precious with things. Wish I would have gone for the silver hardware! Thanks for the heads up on the strap though. That's great to know. I use mine so much

    x Mandi


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