Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Last weekend I debuted some recently acquired pieces: my new cropped sleeve leather jacket from Urban Outfitters, that ASOS split front skirt (blogged but never actually worn until now) and my Louboutin Bow Bows. And not forgetting my new Chanel mini flap! I've been lusting after this little guy for years and decided that 2013 was the year he'd be mine. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in personality (and besides, it's been rather liberating to minimise my daily luggage to just a phone, purse and lipstick). FYI I went for lambskin with silver hardware.

The occasion was my cousin's wedding reception, hence the white skirt - which I figured was OK to wear since it wasn't the main ceremony. My Bow Bows are looking a little sad after being danced across fields and cobbles but it was totally worth it.

In the first photo you can sort of see my new (pink) hair - it's faded now so having it re-coloured before I show you properly!


Christian Louboutin Bow Bow Sandals (similar here)
ASOS ID Bracelet (similar here)


  1. Fab outfit love that skirt and those shoes!!


  2. I love the skirt, so streamlined but the slit give it that feminine edge! Wish my office dress code would allow, I bet it feels awesome to wear

  3. Love the skirt! I've got a similar one in red but yours is actually much cuter. xo

  4. Really gorgeous look! I'm so in love with your skirt and those bow detailed shoes are super cute!

    x Mandi

  5. I simply love black and white together. So cute!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  6. Oh it's so nice to see this skirt "in real life," not just on the website. You look fab!

    Remotely Fashion


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