Monday, 15 July 2013

This week's wish list is a bit of a massive one. What can I say, I'm feeling extra greedy. There are pastels, there is a bag with ears, there are heels that resemble bananas - everything you could wish for, really. I'm not quite sure whether I could ever justify a £910 headband but it's too pretty to not include. Pink lipstick, always. Oh and I actually bought that decorative plate (along with another design) in the Matches sale, before investing in some 'plate hangers'. Yes, they exist, and yes, I'm probably old before my time.

1. Miu Miu Blouse, £530, via NET-A-PORTER
2. Dolce & Gabanna Embellished Headband, £910 (IKR), via NET-A-PORTER
3. Giles Illustration Leah Plate, £29, via MatchesFashion.com 
4.Teddy Bikini, £34, via Topshop 
5. MAC Lipstick, £15.50, Lipstick by Debenhams
6. Animal Print Tee, £38, via Topshop
7. Oversized Hair Bow, £8.50, via Topshop
8. Cigarette Trousers, £30, via Topshop
9. Rabbit Ears Bag, £18, via ASOS
10. New Look Heels, £17.99, via ASOS
11. Soft Drape Trench, £79, via Topshop
12. Heart Sunglasses, £18, via Topshop
13. Limited Edition Dollar Bracelet, £6,via ASOS
14. Givenchy Cat Eyes via opticalexpress.co.uk


  1. Les escarpins de couleur j'adore! C'est vraiment la touche de couleur avec une tenue sobre a avoir!



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