Friday, 28 June 2013
This month, I made two very important shoe purchases: one pair a classic, the other less so, but both are already getting many an outing. First up, Christian Louboutin's Pigalle pumps in black python with a very walkable 85cm heel. As much as I adore the 120s (the sexiest of the all the shoes, in my opinion), I knew these would be a much more sensible purchase. Secondly, those Chanel trainers. I scored these bad boys from eBay from the loveliest seller, who'd bought his wife these and the matching jacket in Las Vegas. They'd never been worn.

I got so excited shooting these that I started screeching at my boyfriend that we should do a 'still life' with the shoes side by side, and he looked at me as though I was completely mad. That's what a collective Chanel and Louboutin haul does to a girl.

I am also wearing some of my other favourite newish finds. I am a little bit in love with this Mickey Mouse sweatshirt - a mere £8 from Primark at ASOS! I bought the 10 but should have sized up - I wanted it super baggy. And I'm not quite sure how I survived before these particularly bad ass Givenchy shades arrived into my life.


H&M Jeans (similar here)
Chanel Trainers


  1. Loving both of these shoes, both really versatile. The mickey mouse top is fantastic too, great colours!

  2. Too good, too amazing. Those Chanel sneakers are heaven. Wowza

  3. great post! absolutely love that top, as well as the shoes!


  4. Shoes are great and your top is to die for!

  5. Ooh... both are SO nice! I love your outfit. The cutest ever! Believe me you made the sensible choice with the Pigalle height. I have the high ones and although I love them, the shorter heel would probably suit more occassions and I could walk further, quicker in them :)

    - Mandi


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