Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Yesterday we talked sandals. Today we tackle the trickiest suitcase addition of all: the swimwear. I happen to be an unofficial member of the 'Little Tittie Committee', which can prove difficult, especially when I don't get to mix and match separates. My friends who are bosomly blessed have similar issues. So I've included my favourites for those are both ample bosomed and like me, less so, and plenty of mix and match sets. Now I'm off to partake in my annual holiday ritual: order every bikini I like in three size variations for a giant try-on sesh...

1. Bikini Top, £16, and Bottoms, £10, via River Island
2. Bikini, £25, via Topshop
3. Swimsuit, £25, via River Island
4. Bikini Top, £24, and Bottoms, £18, via
5. Bikini, £34, via Topshop
6. Bikini Top, £9, and Bottoms, £5, via My Curves & Me
7. Bikini Top, £24.80, and Bottoms, £11.60, via My Curves & Me
8. Bikini Top, £18, and Bottoms, £12, via River Island
9. Bikini Top, £23.25 and Bottoms, £12.30, via My Curves and Me


  1. Great post! Loving the lemon one and the pale blue one with the frills.


  2. amen to the 'little tittie committee'. love no 1 and 8 btw :)



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