Saturday, 30 March 2013
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Another week, another wish list full o' pink pieces. It's my birthday on Monday and the Topshop neon jacket is one of my presents - can't wait to receive it. I've wanted the ASOS ID bracelet for ages (well I wanted the Céline original obviously, but dream on Natalie) but wasn't quick enough on the mark before it sold out. So when it arrived back in stock earlier in the week, I bought it straight away. Now I wanted the silver too. Oh, greed. And there is nothing more fabulous than a gold Jimmy Choo coffee cup holder - just when I didn't think I could love my Venti vanilla latte more...

1. ASOS Fluro Jacquard Prom Dress, £85
2. Jimmy Choo Rika Coffee Cup Sleeve, £105, via NET-A-PORTER
3. Topshop Ovoid Crop Jacket, £68
4. Charlotte Olympia Pink Scent Perspex Clutch, £795, via NET-A-PORTER
5. Topshop Pink Jacquard Mini Skirt, £34
6. ASOS ID Link Bracelet, £12
7. Mother of Pearl Deer Intarsia Sweater, £390, via NET-A-PORTER
8. Talullah Tu Emerald Crystal Drop Earrings, £20


  1. I bought that pink skirt from Topshop today, it's fantastic!


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