Sunday, 31 March 2013
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I've been holed up in bed with the flu for the last few days but managed to paint my face, get out of my PJs and step into the outside world to take some photos of a few new things. Right after this, I was back in stretchy jersey and promptly removed all traces of makeup. UGH. Just hoping I'm better for my birthday on Monday.

As you can see, my latest pair of pink trews are serving me well. I got this leather jacket the other day but haven't really had a chance to wear it, being bed-ridden an' all. I chose in a medium so it would be a bit baggier and long-line and pinned this vintage fur collar over it. Another new addition is this mint green shirt from Urban Outfitters, which is letting me channel the white collar worker within - which I don't do very often, being freelance and too often able to work in aforementioned stretchy jersey.

Last but not least, my new beloved silver flats! These featured in a Shoesday post a while ago, and I couldn't resist.



  1. love color of your pants and also flats are amazing!!!!

  2. the shoes are the perfect touch!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  3. HIII owww i love your blog im literally obsessed!!

    iv only had my blog 2 weeks id love if you could check it out and mabey give me some pointers??

    thankyou so much (id follow you but i dont no how haha)


  4. Hi dear, very nice outfit!!! Love it!

    Happy Easter! Kisses
    The Spotted Cherry Pie


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