Thursday, 24 January 2013

An easy peasy outfit for layering under coats/scarves/warm things for a day in Shoreditch. Falling back in love with this H&M sleeveless leather bad boy as the perfect layering piece in shivery, shivery London. I picked up these jeans from French Connection the other day (originally bought a maxi camel coat from the outlet store but decided I looked like something from The Matrix rather than Ali Macgraw), and quite enjoying the slouchy/skinny fit - I think they're supposed to be SKIN TIGHT or something but I sized up. Overhang is not cool. Oh, and I wore my Supreme sweatshirt to make me feel supreme - it worked.

(Wearing Supreme sweatshirt, H&M sleeveless jacket, French Connection jeans and Isabel Marant sneakers.)


  1. I love this - you just look so comfy/cool. I've been living in a black fur sleeveless gilet over jumpers - it's a darn useful layer. My boyfriend hates it but it matters not! X

  2. Will be staying there in February - can't wait to be back in my old haunts though Spitalfields has changed too much!

  3. looks effortlessly cute...

  4. Love this relaxed look! Ha.. I have some Supreme too :) It's my boyfriends influence!

    xx Mandi

  5. Love this laid back look on you! I am a huge fan off Supreme and always on their site looking at what they have and who they are collaborating with!

  6. Great sweater! Love your poses, you are so super adorable. Nice to see an awesome blogger actually looking like they enjoy what they do haha


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