Sunday, 25 November 2012

If you can't wear a matching neon hat and scarf on a rainy weekend strolling along the docks, when can you?

On a practical note, the hat and scarf came in useful when my boyfriend and I were waiting on the hard shoulder for the highway patrol this weekend, en route to Portsmouth. A lorry hit the car and spun us around one and a half times across the motorway. At one point I was FACING oncoming traffic. By some miracle, we ended up on the hard shoulder (and weren't hit while we were spinning as there was a random lull in traffic) and nearly us nor car were hurt, just very, very shaken.

On the plus side, once we got to Portsmouth I got to bust out my mum's metallic party dress from the eighties, complete with shoulder pads, hair scrunchie (velvet, natch), and side pony for the eighties party we'd travelled for. Nothing like a strong, eighties-themed drink (Malibu and coke, if you must know) to calm one's nerves.

(Next hat and scarf, Zara jumper, Urban Outfitters parka, Proenza Schouler PS1, vintage leather shorts, Aldo boots.)


  1. love this outfit :)

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    p.s I started a youtube channel, check it out HERE

  2. Oh, gosh! I'm so glad to hear that you are both doing okay, sounds terrifying. Also, neon on neon on neon, forever plz.

    I really hope you get the chance to enter my giveaway! Only one more day until the winners are drawn!

    Maria Nichole

  3. Oh my, thank god you're okay! Car crashes are terrifying - I had a similar thing happen to me (in my first week of driving - and the car was written off!). On the 'bright' side, nice hat though! lol x

  4. Holy crap! Glad to know both of you are well. Hope the nerves have settled and all has been sorted out, car, you and the boy etc. Please take care and on that note also, you look wonderful hehe :)

    K xx

  5. I just love your style...simple and effortless!
    Plus I really love that Zara sweater ;)...
    p.s.= I'm very curious to see more pics from Portsmouth...I'm quite sure it's a fancy place!


  6. Outfit looks fab - I love your parka!

    Near miss sounds so scary though if you ever have to stop on the hard shoulder you should ALWAYS get out of the car and get off the hard shoulder, get on the grassy verge bit, can't believe the recovery guys didn't tell you that but glad you're ok x

  7. Bloody hell! My worst nightmare! I drive from Sheffield to London and back quite often, don't know what I'd do if that happened to me! Sounds like you were very brave though!

    Love the neon knitwear. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to go all out with the neon on a grey day!

    Bemsy x


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