Saturday, 20 October 2012

As you have probably gathered by now if you've been reading this blog for a while, I have a leeetle shopping 'problem'. I acquire stuff at the rate of knots and whilst I rarely feel strong enough to part with my goodies, every now and then it becomes a necessity.

Which is why I am launching a new permanent section on the blog called Shop My Wardrobe, where I will be (reluctantly) selling bits and pieces from my wardrobe. It will always live on a page which you can find on the top navigation of my blog. The first haul is up, featuring a TON of vintage from my favourite shops in London, Paris and New York, plus a smattering of Zara, and more. A lot of it has served me well on my fashion week travels over the last few years (as you can see from the photos) but it is time to send some of my favourite pieces to new homes.

If anything takes your fancy, simply email me natalie@cannedfashion and I will send over payment details, but all the info is here.

Shop My Wardrobe HERE


  1. the print looks amazing!



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