Saturday, 29 September 2012

I love Autumn. When it's bright but crisp outside and I can embrace fuzzy knits and cosy nights spent in pubs with friends and red wine. And the perfect opportunity to wear my new autumnal outfit courtesy of Selected Femme

I'd heard of the brand but never sat up and took notice until my gorgeous friend Anneli stepped out in this neon angora knit. On closer inspection, I found THE most gorgeous coats (think wool trenches and wrap coats that Ali McGraw would be proud of) and knits made for lazy weekends. I'm a little bit hooked.

I wore this outfit to go for brunch with my boyfriend yesterday at Le Pain Quotidien, where they got my order wrong THREE TIMES! Is that normal?


  1. Love your haircut!
    That's really weird they got your order wrong three times. Your poor waiter must have been having a bad day.

  2. I hope you didn't tip!

    In any case, the order doesn't matter that much - you look really adorable, take comfort in that.

  3. I love Autumn too, it's the prettiest season I always think. That jumper's a gorgeous colour! x

  4. Really gorgeous sweater! I love all the knits that are out at the moment. Best selection in years in my opinion. We are heading in to summer but I can't ignore them :) I hope you had a nice meal once if finally arrived

    xx Mandi

  5. Very sweet jumper, the colour of pumpkin pie!
    Three times?! What did you order?
    I hope they gave you a freebie for the hassle.

    le fresne x


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