Friday, 10 August 2012

Being a proud member of the Little Tittie Committee (despite receiving a recent slew of emails announcing 'Big boobs are beautiful!' - thanks for the ego boost, nameless PR company), I stay loyal to a few select brands that cater for those small of bosom. These include American Apparel (love the soft cup bras), Calvin Klein (but only SOME of the bras - no balconette business), and Mimi Holliday. In fact, I loved a bra by the latter so much once that I bought it in three colours.

Anyway, my most recent Mimi set from fab new lingerie e-shop MEME is so pretty I almost didn't want to take it down from my wall after I shot it for the old blog. But obviously I did, because bras on walls just aren't socially acceptable.

Mimi Holliday bra and knickers, both available at MEME.


  1. Looks good! I like the colors, perfect for summer

  2. oh my that has made me laugh out loud. me too! will say it with pride now ;-)

  3. That is such a gorgeous set! be thankful for having small boobs, honestly - larger boobs are a pain in the backside! x

  4. Hahaha, I'm definitely a member of the Little Tittie Committee (has a rather nice ring to it, by the way) and I love it. I usually buy my bras at Princesse Tam Tam but I've heard that American Apparel is pretty great as well so I should check it sometime. The colours of that little set of yours are stunning!

    <3 this post!


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