Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Finally, I understand the appeal of backpacking. Sort of. My Chanel backpack - an Etsy find - arrived in all its quilted glory a few days ago, and enjoyed its first outing today to The Phoenix in Victoria (which has FINALLY reopened - phew).

If you thought the best kind of squirrel was a red squirrel, you'd be wrong. The correct answer is a Katie Hillier squirrel, complete with an onyx eye.

Wearing: Vintage Chanel backpack (from Etsy), Isabel Marant jacket, Zara blouse, Dorothy Perkins jeans and boots, Katie Hillier necklace (from Astley Clarke), Michael Kors watch and Laura Lee signet ring.

In other news, I'm excited to be featured in Dorothy Perkins magazine this month! Thanks, Dotty P!

P.s. Please please please I BEG OF YOU vote for me in the Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards. Canned Fashion is nominated for Best Established Fashion Blog.


  1. love love love the boots (can't believe they are dotty p!) and the jacket... i have lusted after this for so long! you look fabulous!

  2. That backpack is WONDERFUL :O And congratulations on being on the Dorothy Perkins website :)

  3. Talk about the perfect edition to your fab wardrobe. Really gorgeous! Just voted for you lovely. Best of luck I'm sure you will kick butt!

    xx Mandi

  4. Love your backpack and booties, who doesn't love chanel : )


  5. are those shoes comfy? do they fit true to size? I'm thinking about ordering them. thanks

    1. There are really really comfy. Yes - I'm 5/6 and the 6 fits perfectly, with a bit of room.


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