Friday, 17 August 2012

I mentioned this tweedy number a few posts back when I was waxing lyrical about ASOS's AW12 collection.

I thought it was arriving late August but thanks to the beady eyed Erica (whose blog is a feast for a the eyes, by the way), I discovered it's available to snap up NOW! And snap it up I did. I was a little put off by how shapeless it looks on the model in the video but I've sized down and I'm hoping that my tweedy dreams will come true. That, or it'll all be an itchy mistake that in time we'll learn to forget, hopefully.

Get your very own tweed boilersuit here. (I never thought I'd ever say that.)


  1. So glad you managed to get it Natalie!! Fingers crossed its not itchy! Love your blog, i have serious proenza-envy at your new neon python ps1 its amazing!! and thanks so much for the mention :)

    Erica xxxx


  2. I need this tweed thing, too! Instant love when I saw it on Asos FW Lookbook <3


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