Friday, 3 August 2012

Bobby and I have been spending every day together. It's hard to concentrate on anything when I'm gazing at my feet 90% of the time. Definitely worth the splurge.

Picked up this baseball cap for £3 in the Topshop sale yesterday. I acquire a lot of hats that I don't wear out of my flat but I'm hoping this will be the exception. It seems like the perfect companion to my pink jeans. Oh, and as you can, I can't WAIT to wear my new Urban Outfitters parka - I boiled on my roof in it today for the purpose of these photographs.

(Wearing: Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers, Glamorous jeans, Topshop vest, ASOS belt, Urban Outfitters parka.)

P.s. Check out a recent interview I did over at Seamless Styling.


  1. Those Bobbys look so incredibly cool with everything! I totally need a pair! :) Super cool outfit. Lovin' the pink/green color combo!


    The Habit

  2. Aaah, I tried on another pair of Bobbys two days ago but I totally chickened out in the end but seeing them on you makes me so jealous again. Sigh, I'm seriously conflicted!:)

  3. So cute! Glad you're repping baseball caps too, all over them!

  4. CUTE
    I have the IM bobby in camel and they go with everything.

  5. They look perfect! I love the entire look. That parker is brilliant and I love how you incorporated the sweet pink and made it more sexy than cute. Have a fab weekend lovely!

    xx Mandi

  6. I love the Bobbys way more than the Willows and you do it perfect justice! I love it! :)

  7. Ah - I have the Becketts but I'm absolutely DESPERATE for Bobbys!

    I'm your newest follower :)

    Abbie @

  8. I've only just got a pair of black Bazils (thanks in no small part to your encouragement at just the right moment!!), but you are making me rather envious with your Bobbys! I'd love a dark beige pair. You look lovely in them and that parka is pretty special too. X

  9. Heya
    We are parka twins! I got mine as part of their gifting scheme. Now I want cold weather too! Lunch Wednesday? I don't know if you work then?

    F x

  10. I never thought I'd like a pink item of clothing, but those jeans look pretty damn good!

  11. Wahou tes bobby sont canons !!

  12. These kicks and that outfit are so rad!

    love it!



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