Tuesday, 14 August 2012

When it's hot, my flat gets REALLY HOT. Almost unbearably so. At times like this the thought of wearing any clothes, let alone spending time picking through my wardrobe, fills me with fear. And that is why I'm cultivating a happy little collection of playsuits - perfect for when I'm feeling lazy on those sticky summer days, not so perfect for when you're dying for a wee and have to unbutton and derobe...

This House of Wilde number is the latest in my collection. You know how I love me some tie dye.

(Wearing: House of Wilde playsuit, Sparkle & Fade leather jacket, Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers.)


  1. You look gorgeous! Love your hair in these pics xx

  2. I love the print on that playsuit! :)

  3. Oh god, tie dye is my favourite thing in the world; I'm pretty certain I'm going to see out my days in a rainbow coloured caravan, wearing rainbow coloured clothes, with rainbow coloured hair! Never mind lol. Gorgeous playsuit! x

  4. That's the cutiest playsuit. Nothing beats thems for comfort but I have the 'loo' issue with them too :)

    xx Mandi

  5. Love your leather jacket! And the tie-dye playsuit is so reminiscent of Proenza :) K xx

  6. Love this look, especially with the cropped leather jacket....Nice curls!
    - Aliya :)


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