Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Every couple of years I have my age-old 'fringe dilemma'. Yes, I fulfil the stereotype P'trique is poking fun at when he asks the question, should I get bangs? Basically, what I'm asking you guys is exactly that – 'should I get bangs?'

The fringe I'm after is somewhere between Leith Clark's floppy, twee style and Jane Birkin's Parisian crop. In fact, my perfect hair would be British Vogue's Emma Elwick Bates, which, she tweeted me, is courtesy of George Northwood. I don't think I can quite afford George sadly, so I need your recommendations – which hair stylists/salons (in London preferably) do you rate? And who is best for fringes? I want tried and tested names please!


  1. You'd look lovely with a fringe! I love how they transform your look. I'm a bit useless and can't recommend any decent salons because I cut my fringe myself! Hairdressers always do it too neat or give me something funky like a 'rounded fringe.' xxx

  2. brooks & brooks in holborn are really good - particularly valerie or taku.

  3. I have the same quandary! Always going from fringe to no fringe. I can only recommend hairdressers in Brighton- let me know if you fancy getting your hair done down here and I'll let you know! x


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