Sunday, 24 June 2012
Sometimes, all I want to do on a Saturday is laze around my flat. My perfect Saturdays in nearly always include lots of homemade food, baking, pampering and dressing up. Here's what I got up to (and wore, of course) yesterday.

The perfect lazy Saturday requires the perfect outfit, when trackpants and a baggy T-shirt simply won't do. Behold: the first of my sale goodies, the Colleen dress by Acne from fab boutique, The Editeur. Love the scoop back and super-thin jersey. I just ordered these monochrome flats from Zara which I can't wait to wear with the dress. I ignored the less-than-summery weather and wore this with my Marants and PS1 to go grab some magazines from the newsagent (the only part of my Saturday which required me to leave the confines of my flat).

(Wearing Acne Colleen dress, Isabel Marant Willow sneakers and Mathias Chaize necklace (a leaving present from the NET-A-PORTER girls - I am slightly obsessed with Mathias Chaize).

1. I always start with Perfect Day at Home with the Perfect Breakfast:

I went for a run in the morning and so, in an effort not to undo the good I had done, opted for a more healthy selection: boiled egg with asparagus soldiers, black grapes, fresh orange juice and a green tea. (If I'm feeling indulgent I'll do as I did this morning: devour a breakfast of buttery toast with a poached egg, veggies and homefries (potatoes parboiled and then fried with paprika, salt, pepper and chives. Yum.)

2. Nail painting time!

I used Essie Lilacism and then Topshop's Adrenalin glitter polish on my ring fingers.

3. Lunch: houmous on rye bread, salad and couscous.

4. An essential Saturday afternoon activity (I usually pick up a bunch of new magazines on the way back from my morning run) - Lula, Teen Vogue and a ramekin full of Haribo.

5. Quality time with my boyfriend (who has an infinitely better camera than me):

6. Champagne! I'm not always this decadent, but we had something to celebrate.

7. Dinner: easy peasy prawn soup, recipe under the photo.

This is the easiest peasiest meal ever and very low cal. You'll need:

Large prawns (I prefer cooked prawns as you can just pop them in at the last minute)
Chopped and deseeded red chilli
1 tsp ground ginger (fresh is even better but I'm not organised enough for that)
A handful of fresh chives (this is when the rooftop herb garden comes in handy)
3 beef stock cubes
Couple of pints of water
1 carrot, sliced thinly
1 red pepper, sliced thinly (you can add whatever veg you want - bamboo shoots, baby sweetcorn and mangetout work really well, too)
Soba noodles

Recipe: You can't really call this a recipe, as you just throw all the ingredients in together, boil for a few minutes (as long as the noodles and veg needs) and then chuck the cooked prawns in at the last second. I leave the chives as a garnish once served.

The Perfect End to my Perfect Saturday at Home was the best part: homemade cookie dough truffles with white chocolate chips. Sadly, I didn't photograph them as Tom and I were too busy stuffing our faces with said truffles but here is the recipe. 

What are the elements of your perfect day in?


  1. You're the shizz.

  2. That sounds like such a perfect day, I love the pictures of your meals....
    - Aliya :)

  3. Love your blog! I just started my own a couple of weeks ago! Hope you like it!

  4. Damn Natalie! Your Saturday sounded amazing. Those meals looks scrumptious. Congrat's on your sale buy too. Just perfect.

    xx Mandi

  5. Hi! Is it okay for you to post photos of your home? :)

  6. I love this post! But now I am super hungry :)

  7. your food posts are really pretty~


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