Thursday, 28 June 2012

As you know, I have a major weakness for all things Isabel Marant. However, without my beloved NAP discount, I need to be a little more shopping-savvy. This season I've set my heart on the Betty/Bobby sneakers in black, which means that even though I adore the Dicker boots, I simply can't justify buying them too. Aldo's Qualheim has been doing the blog rounds for a while now as a Dicker dupe and when they finally  went into Aldo's half-price sale, that was my decision made. Plus, I was able to snap up both black and beige. Don't get me wrong, if I had the moolah, I would opt for Marant - I definitely prefer the lower heel and stitching. The Qualheims are still in transit - prepare for outfit posts when they arrive.

If there's nothing stopping you investing in the Dicker, go for it! The black and beige are on NET-A-PORTER right now and judging by previous seasons, they'll sell out soonish.

Shop here: Isabel Marant Dicker in black, Isabel Marant Dicker in beige, Aldo Qualheim in black, Aldo Qualheim in beige.

Update: The Qualheims just arrived and they are AWESOME in real life. Will blog them soon.


  1. I totally agree, one of the best things about the Marants is the heel height. So many impressions notch it up an inch or two and change the whole feel of the boots. I think I would have settled for an impression if it wasn't for this. They're wondrous boots though - thanks to the heel height I'm always trotting around in mine. I'd still love to track down good impression of the Betty sneakers if at all possible though!
    So glad you're blogging lots now - I always look forward to your posts! X

    1. You're so right. And there is something about the slightly pointed toe which looks a lot more refined that a lot of the dupes. I've seen a good dupe of the Betty but can't remember where... lots of girls in the office were wearing them.

      Aw and thanks! x

  2. Oooo if you remember let me know! I think I saw a possible contender in River Island t'other day... X

  3. Oooh are the black ones nice, I already have some sand coloured Marant -alikes from Mango so couldn't justify both though I prefer the shape of the Qualheim so have just ordered the black for Winter

  4. Love this style of version is the Pembrook from Steven by Steve Madden...they are so comfortable to wear too :)

  5. I so wish I could afford to splurge on the real thing, but you've found some great dupes! xxx


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