Tuesday, 26 June 2012

To say I'm slightly obsessed with all things personalised would be an understatement. Initial-embroidered cushion? I'm there. Engraved signet ring? All over it. Monogrammed pyjamas? STOP IT YOU'RE MAKING ME CRY.

So it wasn't surprising that I fell in sweet, sweet love when I laid my eyes on Catbird's teeny tiny gold letter earring studs. You could spell out your entire name, blog or pet pug on your ear. You could do a Kim Kardashian and wear your beau's initials on your lobe. Just THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES. And what's more, there's none of this 'gold-plated' cr*p. You guys, we're talking THE REAL DEAL. A-Z (minus a few letters) in solid 14k gold, baby. That's my favourite kind of alphabet.

P.s. My initials are N.L.H. Just sayin'.


  1. My names a bit too long to be wearing on my ears haha, But they are dead cute!

    Nice fine!! xx

  2. The letters are so cute! Boy you made me laugh with the monogrammed pj's and the 'stop it you're making me cry' comment. Your so hilarious! :)

    xx Mandi


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