Monday, 31 October 2011

Hello! Anyone there? Long time no blog. I blame fashion month and then being unwell for an entire fortnight. Anyway, I miss you. There, I said it. Forgive me?

Here are a couple of long overdue fashion week photos snapped in New York by gorgeous Tamu from All the Pretty Birds (who, by the end of the month had unwittingly convinced me that I HAD TO HAVE those Prada Mary Jane knee high boots) and Tommy Ton for Style.com respectively. This is the skirt I posted back in June, handcrafted by Yallah who sells her wares every weekend at Portobello market. Everyone loved this bad boy, not least of all Solange Knowles, who snapped a picture of it on her camera!

I wore it with one of my trusty white shirt - a fashion week suitcase essential - and a little embroidered bag I picked up at a market in Thailand.