Monday, 14 February 2011

Let me introduce you to the Sweater of Joy. I picked him up in my absolute favorite vintage shop in New York (where I am currently), Daha Vintage on Orchard Street. He was a mere $45 but has become a constant source of pure, unadulterated happiness. I like that he straddles the border of Navajo and Joseph's Technicolour Dreamcoat (last reference courtesy of my Mum when I skyped the sweater to her). And it turns out others appreciate his jaunty stripes too - today I lost count of how many compliments the sweater received - everyone from designer Stacey Bendet and the hotel bellboy were feeling the Navajo vibe. The joy is UNIVERSAL, I tell you. I think my gleeful expression says it all.

I'm channelling Proenza SS11 by pairing this badboy with a more conservative camel skirt and over-the-knee boots (plus leopard coat, just in case there was any chance I didn't already look enough like a bag lady).


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Here are some more photos by Vanessa Jackman, taken in Paris. I am wearing: Topshop coat, ancient Topshop skinnies, Topshop denim shirt, Zara shoes and Hermes twilly.


Monday, 7 February 2011

As you may or may not know by now, I love me some colour. Lots of colours mashed together in a semi-offensive manner? Even better. Which is why I am allll over the colour blocking trend (so much so that the other day, a friend commented that Jil Sander SS11 had clearly 'changed my life'). Consequently, I now own more pairs of pink trousers that any girl could ever need or wish for (four, if you must know), some neon orange jeans (see last post) and now, inspired by one of my fave bloggers and dear friends Olivia @ My New Favourite Thing, Zara's tomato red slacks - which I paired with a fluorescent pink sweater and my black kitten heels. It was very windy, hence the 'hair' poses. Oh, and note to self: do not wear forest green bra under semi-sheer fabrics.

(Wearing: Zara everything (gah), Hermes bracelet, Michael Kors watch and a mixture of MAC's Nouveau Pink and Amplified lipsticks.)