Friday, 5 November 2010

You know when you buy and love an item so much that you want to wear it EVERY DAY but that would be weird so you settle for wearing it every other day but people still give you that look. That look that says 'You REALLY love that jumper don't you. Have you washed it yet?'

That's how I feel about my new jumper. I wear it always. Well, I limit myself to Tuesdays and Thursdays at work and then allll weekend. Because no one would know. Except now you do.

These pleather trousers were a good buy. I'm usually hideously fickle but these have been my go-to for a year now, and seem fresh for the new season rolled up a la Isabel Marant. With kitten heels, naturellement.

Wearing: Zara jumper, Topshop trousers, Zara heels.


  1. i think i'm in love with your jumper!
    jumpers like this look so old fashioned, so retro.. its such a must have this A/W
    LOVE IT!
    courtney xx

  2. I love the idea of cuffing your trousers! and those shoes are great! xx

  3. You look tres adorable here! That jumper looks so lovely and snuggly that I might just have to go and hunt it down myself!

    Briony xx

  4. i've been eyeing up that jumper on the zara website for aaages. i absolutely love it and it is perfect with those trousers and the little courts. gorgeous mix of elements. i was originally drawn to it because it looks like something i'd find in my grandma's closet that she would have picked up in the 70s in mexico... really really cool. now i just want it even more! xx

  5. I'm still searching for my perfect 'favourite jumper'. I'm envisaging something bright pik and chunky.

  6. Love the jumper, i love jumpers.

  7. DROOLING over this outfit!! I love the big chunky knit with leather pants! PERFECT. Great blog- now following you!

  8. Super cute outfit! I adore each piece separately, but together, the result is magic. Love.

  9. ahh love that zara sweater!!


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