Saturday, 30 October 2010

Image from Cafe Mode.

Images from Outre Chic.

Left: Paris Vogue, Right: Grazia

What? I hear you cry. More narcissistic fashion week photos that have been taken by someone else and simply reposted in the guise of a blog post?

I know, I know. I'm a bad blogger. The worst of the worst. The truth is, for the last month between having a day job, I've been rocking back and forth in a dark corner of my flat, wearing sweatpants and little make-up and shooting glares at my kitten heels whilst whining about my fashion week-induced bunions. I'm also on a spending ban. But you needn't worry - the sheer volume of clothes I amassed before the spending ban (the reason for it, no less) will keep the personal style (read: narcissistic) element of this blog running for at least another two years, by which time I may be contributing to the economy once again.

I blame Paris for all of this. On the last leg of my fashion expedition and having been surrounded by beautiful clothes for the last month, my judgement was slightly impaired. Add to this a hideous day during which I FELL ON MY FACE in the Tuileries (thanks to a pair of impossibly high blue suede boots) and a very angry taxi driver who THREW MONEY at me and my friend Scott outside Galeries Lafayette, and retail therapy seemed like the only option. Cue a crazy shopping spree where, on a whim, I purchased several Eiffel tower keyrings and one silver, quilted, brocade Isabel Marant jacket. Then I got drank several glasses of wine (ALONE) in Le Marais to numb the spending pain. See below pictoral evidence, taken shortly after:

Suffice to say, I realised the utter craziness of my purchase (although it did look cute with rolled up leather skinnies and chandelier earrings) and exchanged the silver bad boy for a classic, black tweedy number with leather trimmings, which I will blog soon, along with

- the aforementioned blue suede shoes
- red skinny jeans (rolled up with kitten heels)
- orange-red Jackie O wool dress
- big cosy intarsia knit jumper
- lace shirt (worn buttoned to the top with lots of pearls)
- evil eye jewellery
- J Brand Gigi jeans
- hats, lots o' hats

Anyway, the photos above are the last of the street style snaps. Rather neatly, they are each from a different fashion week. Here's what I wore in each:

Brown cords - taken outside Marni in Milan by Cafe Mode.
I was after a pair of high-waisted, camel flares a la ChloƩ but couldn't find any so settled for these corduroy babies from Zara. Worn with a Uniqlo polo neck, Zara bag (hello Celine) and Ray Ban Wayfarers.

Leopard coat - taken outside Mulberry in London by Outre Chic.
I don't think I'd wear this outfit anywhere but London. I got the red skinnies and coat from Topshop (I'm a sucker for merchandising as these were together on the shop floor), and the denim shirt from...Topshop. And the loafers...Topshop. Wow, I'm unimaginative. The bag is Anya Hindmarch, though. Phew.

Cable knit jumper - outside ChloƩ in Paris by Paris Vogue.
I was feeling lazy that day. The jumper is Topshop with Primark jeans and Zara OVK boots from last year. And my AH bag again.

Paisley skirt - at the Lincoln Centre, New York by Grazia (and also US Harper's Bazaar).
I'd picked the entire outfit up the night before during a spot of late night vintage shopping on the Lower East Side. Daha Vintage = a dream. The vintage shopping in NYC is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I'd felt a little disenchanted with London vintage shopping lately (identikit floral dresses and bad nineties t-shirts) and this made me excited about rummaging again. I didn't have much cash and so had to wave goodbye to an amazing red leather pencil skirt, pea green Escada box bag and striped red Chanel sweater. The shoes are M&S and the bag is vintage Louis Vuitton. This picture is in Grazia's Style Hunter this week, so if you want to see my smug little face in print, grab a copy.

I figure there's no time like the present (at the end of this bumper - and fairly incoherent - post) to include this self-taken shot of me in Les Tuileries. I am wearing my Paris Fashion Week uniform, of which you can only see a peek - trench, white shirt, J Brand Gigi jeans, kitten heels and my dad's Ray Ban Wayfarers.


  1. Finally a post! I just want to say i love your hair, and i like the red jeans.

  2. Great photos, love the Paris outfit and the last photo.

  3. Hurray, you're back! I Love everything in this - your winter style is looking so lovely and 70s and perfect on you.

    Miss B xx

  4. your style is amazing!!! love each look, all so different and suit the city really well! excited about seeing your new purchases and love that you have updated, adore this blog! x

  5. Love the turtleneck and cord outfit! Glad you're back to blogging--I love this blog!

  6. i am obsessed with those pink trousers. absolutely love that your face is popping up everywhere. when i saw you in grazia i told the people i was with, 'I KNOW HER!' and then had to backtrack and say... wellll.... i sort of know her. haha. not in real life, yet. anyway, congrats on all the ego-inducing style shots. totally well deserved. xx

  7. What a delight - an enormous post to update us all on where you've been this whole time! You look amazing in all shots. Loving the 70s vibe in the Milan shot xx

  8. Wow, all of those outfits are so nice! no wonder you got photographed so many times. xx

  9. Great to have you back... with an even greater post!

    Sarah x

  10. oooh can we see the Gigis? xxxx

  11. lol! don't worry, we all have some of that narcissism quality, don't we?
    I just read Jill's post and am following you!

  12. love the leopard jacket
    come follow ox

  13. The leopard coat and pink/red jeans are such a great combo. And I love the cream Topshop jumper. I found your blog via Street Style London. As I said there, I love how you have a laid-back style with a real sense of ocassion!

  14. Hah, I saw you in Grazia! Loving the oversized Raybans on you. x


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