Wednesday, 29 September 2010

As you may've guessed by now, I'm a sucker for a seventies silhouette. So I simply couldn't resist when this sick-yellow polo neck sweater called my name in Cos - you might say it was the cute shop assistant that sealed the deal, although I'd like to think it's the hardy wool texture and the slightly A-line shape. And of course that colour, which reminds me of a Chanel tunic I window shopped many a time in the South Kensington boutique.

Its natural partner seemed to be my trusty J Brand Love Story jeans - as soon as they clapped eyes on each other in my (coincidentally) seventies-style wardrobe (loving rental furniture - when did poo-brown melamine ever seem like a good idea), I couldn't keep them apart.

Here are two photos of this bad boy in action. The first is from LFW, shot by Wayne Tippets and the second from when I was in NY, taken by The Photo Diarist.

If you're wondering who the utterly beautiful and excruciatingly stylish girl on the right in the first picture is, well, you clearly haven't been doing your street style homework. That, my friends, is Lucy Williams, fashion assistant at InStyle (and former colleague of mine) and possibly the most photographed girl at London Fashion Week. And it's easy to see why - she harnesses the cool factor in the simplest of items, be it an oversized jumper, diaphanous maxi skirt or killer lace-up boots. She's also a total sweetheart. Not fair. I leave you with a fitting homage, photos from Stylist Muse's I Love Lucy post. Enjoy!


Saturday, 18 September 2010

I was syked to be photographed by Scott Schulman aka The Sartorialist last week.

I wore: Uniqlo polo neck, ASOS skirt, M&S shoes, Louis Vuitton bag and Hermes twilly.

P.s. I know, I know, I've been a bad blogger - just bear with me until fashion season is over and I will be back with a vengeance!