Thursday, 29 July 2010

This isn't just any sick bag. It's a classic white, disposable M&S 'sick sack' (doesn't the word 'sack' make it ten times more stomach-wrenching?). You only get this bad boy if you happen to vomit up your guts in M&S. The first aider actually came into the cubicle with me and then led me to the taxi rank. Marks & Sparks = awesome customer service.

Here are some updates before I do a MONSTER POST with all my new clothes (there are lots):

1. You may have gathered this, but I am bed-blogging thanks to a nasty sickness bug I contracted a couple of days ago. I am consequently green of face, sans make-up and certainly not bloggable. I'm also missing the Drapers party tonight. Sucks.

2. The other day I thought I saw a baby carrying a tiny Louis Vuitton bag but it turns out its mother was carrying both it and a tiny Louis Vuitton bag. Still, creeped me out for a good ten minutes.

3. I bought a leopard print coat and red skinny jeans. I intend to wear this AS SOON as October hits with a beehive and lots and lots of black kohl. I wannabe an Isabel Marant girl.

4. I still haven't tried falafel - is that weird?

5. My latest purchase? A cream, cable knit jumper from Topshop that Ali McGraw would have totally worn in Love Story.

Now, YOUR turn.


  1. You need to try Falafel my love!

  2. You should definitely try it! I was dubious at first but it was YUM! Maria xxx

  3. 1. sorry to hear about the sickness. to make it worse there is NOTHING worse watching on television. pretty good m&s story though.

    2. LV in general is freaking me out at the moment. i only want it if it's a fifties inspired cleavage enhancing dress.

    3. leopard print and red skinnies? heeeaaavvvveeennnn. i want both.

    4. not a fan of falafel. get a burrito instead.

    5. topshop has some seriously amazing knits at the moment. there are a few i've got my eye on...

    feel better soon! xx

  4. boo - good old m&s, i hope you feel better soon. . . does the Marant thing work with pink jeans i wonder?! ck :) x

  5. very jealous of your marant girl look already, and thats before ive even seen it!

    im torn on the falafel front, u have to get a good batch. pret do the best falaf ive ever had, in a sandwich, but they also do some of the worst falaf in the form of a hot wrap. so choose wisely!

    hope u get well soon, it's odd - a few blogs I read have sickbug posts today.


  6. Sorry to hear you're not well! I hate vomiting. And especially hate feeling sick in public places as it adds anxiety to the mix and then you feel even worse! Lovely M&S though.

    Leopard print and red skinnies sound like a fabulous outfit- can't wait to see it.

    I tried Falafels years ago as randomly my university campus shop sold really nice wholemeal rolls with falafel and salad. I miss them.

    Hope you recover soon x

  7. hope you get well soon :) recently i've bought:
    -a vintagebcamel coat (i cannot wait until winter to wear it!)
    -lennon style sunglasses
    -a vintage bag

    falafel i so nice too! x

  8. i havent tried falafel either.. love that its midsummer and we have autumn on the brain. GET BETTER!

  9. Lets go for falafel on Tuesday.

  10. Good to have you back!! And hope you feel better soon!!

  11. Hope you get better!

    The food market just off Old Street has a stall that makes the most amazing falafel yummy! Dee x

  12. falalallafel, i will force feed you if you get over the vomming thing. i want to be sick in M&S just to try that concept.

    1. i'm looking at my shearling jackets (three. how?) and wondering how much overheating i can cope with in order to wear them in august.
    2. my phone is broken.
    3. there was a bald cat in my garden yesterday and i was TERRIFIED
    4. hummm, i might force my sis to get asian food with me tonight. xxxx

  13. UGH, I'M SICK TOO. I might be coughing up my guts for all I know. Hope you get well soon! Hoping to see that "Monster Post" soon!

  14. I love your post, they are great, I hope you pass my new blog ...

  15. amazing!

  16. Lovely blog!
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  17. I Haven't Tried A Falafel Either! I Want To Be Like Isabel Marant Too!
    Following Your Blog!

  18. Aww, so sorry to hear you're sick petal! Hope you're by now recovered? I'm also passed out on the couch in my pyjamas, but as a result of SERIOUS jetlag rather than sickness (which is of course preferable).

    I can't wait to see the leopard/red jeans/beehive combo! Sounds perfect. And go and try a felafel now! Preferably bought in Marais, Paris and eaten in the Place des Vosges...

    Miss B xx

  19. Hope you're feeling better!! can't wait to see all of these purchases!! :)

  20. Falafel will make you feel better - do it! xx

  21. Hope you feel better soon. This is a great blog!

    If its the Topshop cardigan with the leather buttons I'm more jealous than I can put into words, I want it to throw on over all my girly dresses!

    Think of the sick sack as a super exclusive accessory :)


  22. I don't mean to be callous since this is a post about being sick but surely you're better by now and can start posting again?? I miss reading your blog. X
    P.S. Do hope you are feeling better and will come back soon.

  23. Natalieeee, I'm really missing my canned fashion :( please don't stop, you'll dissapoint a belgian teenage girl that needs this blog as an inspiration, or she'll, i don't know, look like the lovechild of spongebob squarepants and mick jagger(now)? won't look good!


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