Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Here I am at work (found these test pictires on the work cam). I'm wearing a Primark cardigan, H&M leggings and Gap boots.
My desk essentials are:

Soy sauce
Perfume (at the moment it's Honore's Trip by Honores des Pres
Barley sugar sweets, creme eggs, a variety of sugary treats
Diary (for work I'm using a black Noble Macmillan one with my initals printed on the front and for personal I've got my trusting Ordning and Reda)
A True Grace/Diptyque candle

What are yours?

More exciting posts when I have some free time, promise...


  1. Ohh fun - Desk essentials include:

    -YSL 'In Love Again' perfume.
    -Body Shop face blotting pads
    -Benefit 'Heels Low Hair High' compact
    -Postcard of Leonardo di Caprio as shot by Annie Leibowitz! -swoon-
    -Red Moleskine diary.

    ck :) x

  2. great outfit, love the blog

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  3. Are those the Pierre Hardy boots I will never forgive myself for not buying?

    Ok, I don't 'work' as such, but my university desk essentials are:

    *Earl grey teabags
    *Silver cigarette box filled with Marby lights (i know...terribly naughty)
    * Little pot of Swizzels lollipops
    *Laura Ashley Rhubarb & Vanilla room spray
    * Pink mini Moleskine diary
    *Vitamin C tablets ... to kid myself that they'll sort everything out.

  4. I love that you get to dress like this at work! I certainly push the boundaries of acceptable business attire (erring on the side of fashion), but haven't quite made it to motorcycle boots (which I love on you!)

    Miss B xx

  5. Ah I do love a 'get involved' post!

    I'm loving your work attire also, I'm lucky enough to wear what I want to work too, but can't seem to grasp consistency! Some days it's like Maggie in Secretary, sometimes it's crumpled student-chic!

    Anywho my work musts are:
    iPhone at fingers length
    Tan leather filofax - I love that we all still use diaries with all this tech to hand!
    Coffee (if only it were on tap)
    Origins hand cream
    scrap paper to scribble my daily stabs at entrepreneurial millions....


  6. Why is there a soy sauce in your desk? Just curious :-) love the boots btw!


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