Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Drinking banana smoothies on my roof at the weekend. It was too hot to wear anything remotely stylish so I opted for my failsafe high-waisted denim shorts, a random pyjama vest top and some ancient flip flops. GlAmOrOuS.

And now for the next lot of my Formspring Q&As...

Q. How did you arrange advertising for your blog? I'd like to do the same!!!

Q. What was your favourite class at school?
A. English. Always. And I rather liked drama for a short while - I was a precocious child.

Q. Who was your first crush?
A. Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I had a poster of him on the back of my door (I wasn't allowed blu-tack on my walls) where he was wearing a leopard print shirt and leaning against a zebra print wall.

Q. Do you have a middle name?
A. Yes, Lorraine.

Q. how old are you?
A. 23

Q. how healthy are you?
A. I wish I could say very but sadly I enjoy Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes too much. I have a varied diet and don't tend to pig out on processed food or anything but I definitely eat what I want, pretty much. I'm also allergic to exercise, although I'd quite like to start a yoga class. Mañana, mañana...

If you have a burning question that I haven't answered, ask me stuff here.


  1. You're always to hot to think.

    Also this was my very repetitive school report "Alice is good at conveying her thoughts on paper (English) and she is actively involved in her Drama class"

    (Of course anything which involved quantum physics or numbers = FAIL)


  2. Great hat - this weekend was all about rooftop sunbathing! Sucks to be back in the office!

  3. Where are those shorts from? Theyre exactly what i've been looking for!

  4. Topshop! (a few seasons ago) Nx


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