Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Much as my extensive collection of colourful coats would suggest otherwise, I often end up dressing head-to-toe in black. Here I'm wearing an H&M t-shirt, Zara trousers, vintage belt, Chanel pumps and ASOS necklace.

I also can't stop admiring this piece I bought from Constance Poesy. Isn't it beautiful? You might have seen her illustrations in Topshop Oxford Circus's shoe hall. She's a very talented lady. If you want to commission your very own, email her at



  1. Your look is perfect for the parisian streets !

    I love the trousers!

    I showed your illustrations to my man : he likes it too ! You're very talented. I love the redhead girl.

    See U !

  2. thx for mentioning this artist, her work is beautiful and i would not have none of her otherwise

  3. Really lovely outfit!
    And that piece by Constance Poesy is fantastic, now you mention it I do recognise it from topshop.

    Lydia xxx

  4. aha, your new chanel ballerinas :) nice. and yes, poesy's illustrations are fantastic!

  5. You're right, it is completely gorgeous! Is it of you or just a pretty girl? I think I need one in my life.

    So lovely to meet you last night. Can't wait to get the jeans - I went with Current Elliot boyfriend in the end (to get me out of my skinny rut). I've linked you on my blog too - you're too adorable not to share!

    Also I luuurve your pink H&M coat - I don't suppose it's recent?

    Briony xx

  6. Great piece! Lovely style she has. Must check out her other work.

    And a lovely classy look there with the new Chanel pumps on!


  7. you're forgiven, black's just toooo good for us (:


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