Sunday, 30 May 2010

I've spent most of the Bank Holiday weekend in the reclining position after a crazily busy week and only managed to raised myself up to a 45 degree angle to post this one picture. More to come when I'm back in work mode. So here's me and the beautiful Alice at the my-wardrobe Denim Pop-Up Shop launch party. I wore H&M velvet leggings, Zara clogs, ASOS shirt and Zara blazer. And in that bag is THE MOST PERFECT T-SHIRT IN THE WORLD. More on that later.

Oh and just to make this post a teeny tiny weeny bit more stimulating (who am I kidding?), some Formspring answers for your delight and delectation (reading my answers also makes an excellent alternative to counting sheep before bedtime):

Q: what do you want to be when you grow up?
A writer and/or one of those old ladies who spends a lot of time at the post office (why ARE there so many old ladies at the post office?!).

Q: Whats your favourite piece of clothing?
A: This ALWAYS changes but I guess my most prized possessions are my coats (since the UK tends to have one season give or take). My favourite is my camel Orla Kiely but I also love my pink boatneck, green wrap and red Aquascutum.

Q: How long did it take you to grow your hair? (It's in such nice condition!)
A: Thanks! And goodness, it's been long for several years now. Perhaps two years to grow out from a bob in the beginning. And thanks! Actually, and some would think crazily, I've always wanted roughed-up, coarse, straw-like hair.

Q: most lusted after item?
A: A bit of a cliche but my ultimate lust-have is an Hermes Birkin or Kelly.

Q: What Medium do you use for your illustration work?
A: I use black fine point Stabilo ink pens to draw the outline and then I usually add the colour using photo editing software or using watercolours/acrylics.

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  1. cant wait to hear about the perfect tshirt. . . and you rock velvet leggings! Your camel coat is beyond fab! ck :) x


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