Monday, 8 March 2010
I was super chuffed to be given the Happy 101 award by My New Favourite Thing and EIGHT. Thank you, ladies!

I'm to list 10 of my favourite things and then to pass the award into 10 of my favourite blogs. Done and done!

So, in no particular order...

1. London at 6am

2. Charbonnel & Walker truffles

3. Sonia Rykiel's pom pom headbands
(Image from Cherry Blossom Girl)

4. Doodling

5. Chanel Le Vernis hysteria - I'm a sucker for it, and once again, am utterly enamoured by their new shade, Chanel's Nouvelle Vague 527. A dreamy blue...
(Image from Mademoiselle Paris)

6. A full sugar pot

7. Herm├Ęs orange (and what's inside those naughty little tangerine boxes)

8. Being at home in Wiltshire with my family (including my darling brother, pictured - check out his amazing blog, 100 things to do while 20)

9. The Sunday TImes Style Magazine (last week's Big Fashion Issue was a feast for the eyes)

10. Chandeliers - I have four in my tiny flat!

(All images are mine unless otherwise stated.)

I tag:


  1. GOOD choices! What a treat for the eyes this post was. :) With all those chandeliers and sugar pots, your flat must be positively dreamy. You should give us a virtual tour sometime. :)


  2. Love that nail polish too!!

  3. Thanks for the tag lovely! I will do this asap. I adore C&W truffles. Are those Le Creuset containers yours? If so I will be insanely jealous XX

  4. Congrats on the award! oh i can't believe I missed out on that issue of style, looked amazing!

  5. Thanks gorgeous, LOVE photos #4 & 8! Although the 2 year age gap isn't really evident, I look the same size as you!
    Lovely chatting to you last night, Easter hols soon so shall be London-ing it a LOT! xxx

  6. Lndon and nailpolish <3 <3

  7. omgsh i need that nail polish! i love the look of a brand new hermes box-full of pretty little secrets. very sweet blog :)

    xx come visit!

  8. How utterly delicious! In one blog, you've inspired me to get up at 6am, paint my nails, gorge on truffles, buy a pom pom headband and invest in some chadeliers!Thanks for the tag aussi xxxxxxx

  9. Love the Chandeliers!

    Cute blog.


  10. beautiful chandelier! have seen your brothers blog actually! it is such a cool idea. i really love it! xx

  11. I love your chandeliers! And your blog ;-) Will be following you!

  12. Cool things! :)
    I like your Chanel nailpolish and the lamp or Chanelier..
    fantastic hehe

  13. that framed drawing is so pretty! i want one

  14. This is such a lovely blog - hugely jealous of your Le Cruset collection! Looking forward to your next flat-envy-inducing entry!! xxx

  15. that nail polish color is amazing. I really like your blog :) gotta add it to my blog list.

  16. How fun was that?! Love the nail polish, pom pom headband and I have a massive chandelier in my foyer, DR and Kitchen too! Feel ya on that :)

  17. What a beautifully photographed & arranged group!! Now I feel like such a slacker: I was tagged, too, & haven't even started my list.

    That's probably my all time favourite colour, that celedon/pale blue.

    And they're all my favourite things, too.. just replace Palm Beach/FLA/end of Long Island/beach with my family, for number 8. I really want crystal chandeliers (my husband doesn't get it) but to me they're like jewels for the home: the perfect accessory & they go with everything.

  18. ohh i only just saw this (shows how behind on google reader i am) thanks so much for tagging me! love how you keep your hermes boxes, what a perfect orange. i always keep packaging of beauty products, i love things that look new! will do the tag asap


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