Monday, 8 March 2010

This weekend was spent...

...wolfing down burritos at Wholefoods (I look really sad here but in reality I'm just very focused on consuming my burrito). I'm wearing my Monki jumper, bought via Filippa's wonderful personal shopping service - I recommend it!

...discovering the joys of glitter-covered cupcakes at Ella's Bakehouse

...buying a new knitted cape from H&M and then proceeding to correct everyone who called it a poncho that it was not a poncho but a cape, and not really being able to justify why. Who am I kidding?

...deciding that I want to spend Spring swathed exclusively in seventies-style capes in caramel, rust and maroon

...chuckling at my new favourite Tumblr, Classy Animals Who Wear Ties


  1. beautiful coloured jumper in the first picture! i recently posted about Monki (mostly whining about not being able to buy it anymore, now i live in a country that is unenlightened about the brand's existence) and then your personal shopping recommendation pops along! super! however, i'm not sure i can give in and deny myself a trip over to Stockholm to have a gander myself... hmmmm!

  2. oh burritos are so good. if you ever spot a place called 'the mission' definitely try it. they are the most amazing burritos ever. have also been dreaming about what i want to spend spring wearing! the sun is out over here! hopefully i can start swapping my wardrobe soon!! xx

  3. There's a blog award waiting pour vous on my page my lovely!

  4. love the pseudo poncho! haha, the "cape" is lovely...the colors are so vibrant!

  5. You look really cute! :)


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