Saturday, 13 March 2010

Since I can never travel light yet HATE having to lug my holdall back to Wiltshire on a Friday night (why does everyone lose all dignity and RUN to standard class when the platform number is revealed?!), this weekend I decide to not bring anything at all. Which means I had to get creative with my limited Wiltshire wardrobe, containing all the old clothes I can't bear to throw away. I rediscovered my beloved trench (old Primark!) and these charity shop-found peg legs. Plus a Wang braid and plum lips (inspired by Frances) Spring is nearly here! I can't wait for bare legs and lightweight jackets. What SS items are you looking forward to wearing?


  1. love the trench!


  2. alright... a couple things:
    1. umm... primark trench?! seriously you are making that look good.
    2. wang braid! ahhhh... i seriously do not have a enough hair and it is looking amazing! a little jealous... i can't lie.
    3. LOVE the lipstick colour.
    4. i want to wear: a long straight black jersey skirt withs some sort of cool top and my jersey biker jacket with gold gladiator sandals or some very cute khaki chinos rolled up with a soft pink tee tucked in. hair donut in place, tanned skin, sandals.... can you tell i have been thinking about this lately? haha.

  3. I'm new to your blog! You have fantastic style! Loving the trousers.

  4. i wish i had enough hair for that do.
    i want to wear my cropped sailor top for spring!

  5. That trench is great! Loving the braid.



  6. Gorgeous!


  7. super, considering this is the leftover collection that you had to get creative with! and your hair is just so super - wish i had your length and volume! you look super, Natalie.


  8. i love love love love this :D great blog! you are definietely going on my blog roll list! ;)

  9. Much frothing at the mouth over the cut and colour of those peglegs, this look makes me HAPPY. Also loving/ hating how good you look with the Wang braid. Gosh.

    Haha, regarding the brother, completely appropriate because I can totally swoop in and take credit for the paisleyness. Hate to admit the rest was mostly his own doing.

  10. The plum lips are brilliantly beautiful! How were they achieved and with what product? Love the plait too, you look so effortlessly stylish - the perfect weekend look!Jealous agin! x

  11. you look stunning ! :))


  12. Stunnning!! As always! ;)

  13. You look lovely. I love doing that when I go back home, pulling out old realms you previously LOVED hard. Last time I went home, I found an old crushed velvet blouse I wore when I was twelve, it is now one of my favourite pieces!

    The WANG Braid is GOOD. I want to eat it.
    x x x

  14. love the trench (somehow it never gets old) and the belt which gives the outfit a little bit more punch.

  15. oooh, I Wanged my hair the other day too .. very good look on you!
    I can't wait to wear my Maje snakeskin dress. With metallic flats by day and high-shine strappy China Choos by night ... bring on the sun!!

  16. Love this outfit! The colours are great. And of course the trench is the perfect thing for this weather!!!

  17. i love when people can take older clothes and bring them back to life. I do it all the time. Love the trench and the slacks !

    p.s. you have a pretty smile.

  18. WIN. I have tricked the internet gods by using Internet Explorer instead of Firefox.
    Anyways. You look super lovely, and manymany thanks for the reference ;) x


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