Saturday, 20 March 2010
I had a blast at the ASOS event on Thursday night - the ASOS girls made it a night to remember with dressing up, catwalking, photo shoot, fabulous clothes and wonderful company (I felt more than a little starstruck being in a room with blogging royalty!). Bumped into blogging pals Disney Roller Girl, Isabelle OC, and finally met some of favourite bloggers including Laetitia aka Mademoiselle Robot, Carrie from Wish Wish Wish (truth be told this wasn't the first time I met her - the last was when I accosted her during LFW), Shin from Park and Cube, Scarlett from Little Bambi Boots, Kristin aka The Clothes Whisperer and Natalie (from ASOS but I have just discovered her lovely blog, Hard to Chase but Good to Catch).

Me with Shin and Carrie, a very stylish and beautiful pair. I so regret trying on that mint green H&M dress Shin is wearing and not buying it!

Me, Super Blogger Isabelle and The Clothes Whisperer's little Pomeranian, Butters (who, may I say, is a serial networker - everyone wanted a stroke of her little camel coat - SO AW10).

I wore: Zara cape, Primark denim shirt, Primark straw bag, Topshop leather skinnies and Zara OVK boots.

A fuzzy one of Carrie and I - included to illustrate the wind machine. Yes, WIND MACHINE.

This wasn't met to be a 'where I went and who I met' post, but catastrophe struck just before and my camera died. I wish I could have taken pictures of my favourite pieces. There are some corkers for SS10 - lots of big statement clutches (I am in love with a woven leather number), graphic prints, pastel silks and yummy pegleg/jodpur hybrids. On my shopping list is a with graphic print maxi dress with scooped back, some velvet shorts, and a dead ringer for the Marc by Marc red bucket bag.

There was a lot of blogger love for the maxi - the next day I resurrected my Kate Moss for Topshop silk maxi skirt and promptly ordered this (in grey and black - a girl's gotta have options) and this, which I have been hankering after for ages after seeing it on Gala.

You can see more on the event over at ASOS Life.

Thanks again, ASOS!

(All photos courtesy of ASOS, because I was a bad blogger sans camera.)


  1. Damn, I was meant to be here but shooting the next day meant I didn't have time :( Sad I didn't get to meet everyone. Looks like loads of fun!

  2. this looks so great. love your outfit. you manage to snatch up the best things at primark! and how cute are you in that cape? also... i LOVE that long dress you got with the short sleeves. i think i need that too.

  3. It looked like good fun! Sorry to repeat myself, but I really do love that cape... It looks great with the denim shirt underneath.
    I'm excited by the sound of those velvet shorts by the way! Do you know when they'll be available?
    Clare x

  4. Fashion gatherings like these make me lust for the BFC show space lounge once again. Looks like you had a blast!

    Also, thanks for the ASOS tip-off...would never have spotted myself otherwise!


  5. Hi gorgeous! Lovely to see you. Have you watched the catwalk vid on the ASOS site? Hilarious!

  6. i just bought the maxi dress in grey and love it, good choice! looks like a lovely event, looking forward to seeing more this season!

  7. Hi Natalie, how did I miss this event? I know someone - also named Natalie - who I shot (my 'headless torso shot') @ LFW last spring. We've been meaning to meet.. I might have been sent an invite & lost it in the shuffle.. anyway, it looks wonderful, and I LOVE your cape (now I know what you meant about the Kinder one with the red pockets).

    btw: 2nd for a Cupcake Convention works for me! Let's check with the others, including Shini.

    Butters, by the way, is fabulous. So how does this work: everyone you know has a cute little dog, but you have two IMAGINARY dogs, is that right?


  8. Hi Natalie,looks like you guys had a good time.

  9. i just stumbled across this blog and i really really love it! the denim playsuit is so cute, and jealous of those capes. i could not pull that off :( looks like fun!

  10. "serial networker - everyone wanted a stroke of her little camel coat - SO AW10)" hehe so true!!

    Little spotlight thief has a blog of her own now,

    so good to meet you! xx

  11. sobsob wish i was in the country for this, looks like a fab day! your cape and hair are the best

  12. Wow, what gorgeous looks! Your pics are lovely, these look so good!


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