Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Last week I went for dinner with the gorgeous My New Favourite Thing, and spent a large percentage of the evening cradling her beeeautiful Alexander Wang Coco bag - LOOK, just LOOK how beautiful it is. Also loving her Bella Freud 'Fashion' jumper and wishing I'd got one.

Then last night the beautiful Vicky and I hopped along to the launch of new bar, Coquine on Old Brompton Road. Ben Grimes DJ'd and it was a cool night marred only by the fact that it took us about an hour to get served as the bartender decided to serve all the rich old men who'd pushed in next to us first. But otherwise I could definitely see this becoming my new stomping ground in S. Ken.


(Look at those bags under my eyes...I need SLEEP.) I wore: black jeans, Zara OVKS, Zara Balmain-alike blazer, Zara snood (notice a pattern here), my Anya bag and an Hermes scarf.


Here's Vicky who works for Amanda Wakeley and is a super duper writer and I keep trying to persuade her to start a blog... watch this space!


Saturday, 27 March 2010



Look what I found at Accessorize! A 'LOVE' knuckleduster ring and a teeny tiny gold 'H' on a perfectly skinny gold chain. YUM. 'Scuse Mount Persuvius on my chinny chin chin - he won't go away and is threatening to come to my birthday party. Sucks. Wearing: Zara blazer, random dress, OPI's Done Out in Deco nail polish.

Off to see my little bro in Birmingham - we're going to see Final Fantasy, can't wait!


Thursday, 25 March 2010

A commission I'm working on. If you'd like to commission an illustration of you and your dog (or cat...or pig...or bunny) friend, just drop me an email at


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

He's called Chumley and like most men, sometimes he likes to pretend to play it cool...

...what's great is that he totally understands fashion. Here he was telling me how much he liked my Topshop penny loafers and I was admiring his bitchin' neckpiece (it's couture).

I think we were singing a Lady Gaga song here - she's his muse right now. Can't you tell? >>

You could say it's puppy love...


Tuesday, 23 March 2010
When dear friend and Matches' Fashion Editor Chloe asked me to illustrate my top picks for the Matches blog, I was only too happy to oblige. I spend several hours a day gazing at the online boutique and trying to think of 'get rich quick' plans... Click here to see my picks on the Matches blog (where you can also find links to the real products, say, if you want to buy me a birthday present...1st April...just sayin')...

Acne Striped Tee

Bottega Veneta Tie Dye Triange Hobo

Vintage YSL Bracelet

Vanessa Bruno Crepe Jacket

YSL Gaia Sandal


Monday, 22 March 2010

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Audrey of Frassy fame. As well as being super stylish, she's also a total doll. Brains, beauty and charisma? Not fair. Hummingbird cupcakes + roof-lounging = a good Sunday afternoon. Here's what we wore...

Don't you just love Audrey's Marant-esque cardigan (it's vintage damnit). I'm wearing a Cos dress from last summer, H&M booties and a Primark jacket. And my straw bag which is attached to my hip at the moment.


Saturday, 20 March 2010
I had a blast at the ASOS event on Thursday night - the ASOS girls made it a night to remember with dressing up, catwalking, photo shoot, fabulous clothes and wonderful company (I felt more than a little starstruck being in a room with blogging royalty!). Bumped into blogging pals Disney Roller Girl, Isabelle OC, and finally met some of favourite bloggers including Laetitia aka Mademoiselle Robot, Carrie from Wish Wish Wish (truth be told this wasn't the first time I met her - the last was when I accosted her during LFW), Shin from Park and Cube, Scarlett from Little Bambi Boots, Kristin aka The Clothes Whisperer and Natalie (from ASOS but I have just discovered her lovely blog, Hard to Chase but Good to Catch).

Me with Shin and Carrie, a very stylish and beautiful pair. I so regret trying on that mint green H&M dress Shin is wearing and not buying it!

Me, Super Blogger Isabelle and The Clothes Whisperer's little Pomeranian, Butters (who, may I say, is a serial networker - everyone wanted a stroke of her little camel coat - SO AW10).

I wore: Zara cape, Primark denim shirt, Primark straw bag, Topshop leather skinnies and Zara OVK boots.

A fuzzy one of Carrie and I - included to illustrate the wind machine. Yes, WIND MACHINE.

This wasn't met to be a 'where I went and who I met' post, but catastrophe struck just before and my camera died. I wish I could have taken pictures of my favourite pieces. There are some corkers for SS10 - lots of big statement clutches (I am in love with a woven leather number), graphic prints, pastel silks and yummy pegleg/jodpur hybrids. On my shopping list is a with graphic print maxi dress with scooped back, some velvet shorts, and a dead ringer for the Marc by Marc red bucket bag.

There was a lot of blogger love for the maxi - the next day I resurrected my Kate Moss for Topshop silk maxi skirt and promptly ordered this (in grey and black - a girl's gotta have options) and this, which I have been hankering after for ages after seeing it on Gala.

You can see more on the event over at ASOS Life.

Thanks again, ASOS!

(All photos courtesy of ASOS, because I was a bad blogger sans camera.)


Wednesday, 17 March 2010

No, it's just Natalie having SO MUCH FUN SHE COULD SCREAM with her new cape from Zara (thank you eBay) and the self-timer. Rock n' roll, kids. Rock n' roll.


Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I’ve a bone to pick with Isabel Marant,
Her summer collection is all I want.
But why are her prices so terribly high?
A feathered earring’s all I can buy.

Ostensibly I shouldn’t like
Lurex trousers and shoes with spikes,
But somehow with a Marant tag
Ugly stuff becomes must-have swag.

But even if I had the means
To buy a pair of Marant jeans,
They rarely stay at Net-a-Porter
For much longer than a day.

(My ode to Isabel Marant - originally published at SheerLuxe.)


Saturday, 13 March 2010

Since I can never travel light yet HATE having to lug my holdall back to Wiltshire on a Friday night (why does everyone lose all dignity and RUN to standard class when the platform number is revealed?!), this weekend I decide to not bring anything at all. Which means I had to get creative with my limited Wiltshire wardrobe, containing all the old clothes I can't bear to throw away. I rediscovered my beloved trench (old Primark!) and these charity shop-found peg legs. Plus a Wang braid and plum lips (inspired by Frances) Spring is nearly here! I can't wait for bare legs and lightweight jackets. What SS items are you looking forward to wearing?


On Thursday fellow blogger Alice and I gossiped over noodles and fortune cookies. Alice makes me want a fringe.


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Chloé AW10 was hands down my favourite show this season. Chocolate-coloured leather, caramel capes, camel coats layered over cashmere polo necks in biscuit tones, and more than a nod to Ali McGraw, it's everything I love. I'll be wearing my Zara cape (I snapped it up from eBay in the end!) and leather shorts in homage and, as always, shopping vicariously through my illustrations.

Also - curse you, Guido Palau, who did the hair at Chloé. You're responsible for my new lust for big, bouncy, Marigay McKee-style locks - impossible when all my hair wants to do is hang there (which is why the middle parting, poker straight thing was a godsend). Time to book an appointment with my blowdry guy, Marcus at Urban Retreat...

(Illustration by me, show pictures a mixture of Telegraph, Cool & Beauty, Grazia and Love Blog)


Monday, 8 March 2010
I was super chuffed to be given the Happy 101 award by My New Favourite Thing and EIGHT. Thank you, ladies!

I'm to list 10 of my favourite things and then to pass the award into 10 of my favourite blogs. Done and done!

So, in no particular order...

1. London at 6am

2. Charbonnel & Walker truffles

3. Sonia Rykiel's pom pom headbands
(Image from Cherry Blossom Girl)

4. Doodling

5. Chanel Le Vernis hysteria - I'm a sucker for it, and once again, am utterly enamoured by their new shade, Chanel's Nouvelle Vague 527. A dreamy blue...
(Image from Mademoiselle Paris)

6. A full sugar pot

7. Hermès orange (and what's inside those naughty little tangerine boxes)

8. Being at home in Wiltshire with my family (including my darling brother, pictured - check out his amazing blog, 100 things to do while 20)

9. The Sunday TImes Style Magazine (last week's Big Fashion Issue was a feast for the eyes)

10. Chandeliers - I have four in my tiny flat!

(All images are mine unless otherwise stated.)

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