Wednesday, 13 January 2010

So after slipping and sliding my way in my non-grip over-the-knees to work this working in the hideous weather (snow + suede = tragedy), I marched to my computer (or rather hobbled, my toes were completely numb) and ordered a pair of black Hunter wellies with Net-a-Porter's lifesaving same day delivery before you could say 'Frosty the Snowman'. I've been needing a pair for a while, I would have had to get a taxi home, plus a whole load of other worthless justifications later and the wellies are mine (this little post is something of a confession, I suppose). Looking forward to jogging home, like some of the other cocky commuters I shuffled past this morning.


  1. I ordered some dark purple Hunters the other day and they arrived today. Can't wait to wear them to travel to work tomorrow, even though a lot of the snow has melted here!

  2. I like these Shoes!And your Blog is great!Like your Sense of fashion!

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  3. i have one hnter wellies. they're great :)


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