Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy 2011! And what better way to bring the New Year in than with a spot of Chanel couture SS10? Obviously this is what I'll be wearing when the clock strikes midnight. Complete with heart-shaped hair.


Yeah, I know, I'm a little late to the party but I finally caved in and bought the Stuart Weitzman 50/50 over-the-knee boots from Russell & Bromley. I needed some sensible boots that weren't my ancient Gap bikers to tempt me from wearing heels every day (not good - especially for my old lady feet).

Here I am (well at least the bottom half of me - I've been lying around sans make-up and wearing nothing but PJs - or at a stylish stretch a men's camel jumper and Isabel Marant harem pants - and eating Guylian praline sea shells for a week. I'm only ready to show my booted legs for now) wearing the bad boys in question with a leather skirt by Zara (sorry Proenza) and an Isabel Marant jacket, the rest of which I will reveal another time.


Monday, 6 December 2010

As you may know, I illustrate on a freelance basis so I'm often scribbling away of an evening on a commission or two. My latest project was rather special indeed, as it was for my pal Lucy and what's more, for the header of her blog, Miss Lucy Loves, which is one of my absolute favourites.

Her blog is a cosy place on the internet where I like to curl up and browse to my heart's content - there's everything from outfit posts to beauty reviews and more. Lucy herself is a total DOLL, by the way - one of those people with beauty AND brains. No fair.

Anyway, thanks Lucy for such an enjoyable commission!

(If you fancy commissioning your very own illustration just email me at


Saturday, 20 November 2010

Obnoxious gold jewellery + orange mohair = a match made in heavin, imho. I've had this chain belt (pictured last) for ages - I think I picked it up in a charity shop years ago. I'd always tried to wear it as a necklace (espesh during that season when Givenchy did those cross layer necklaces) but it always looked a tad too bling, even by my standards. I've decided it's now acceptable to don a chain belt - in fact, I'm now mourning the loss of my old Tammy Girl bad boys. I got the mohair tank top - yeah, you heard right, it's a tank top - from ebay.

This is just a small selection of my gold jewellery. There's more where that came from... From top: butterfly necklace - can't remember, acorn bracelet - ebay, Hamsa necklace - random market stall in NYC, elephant necklace (front and back) - Portobello market, watch - Michael Kors (I wear this every day, which explains the scratches) and aforementioned belt - can't remember.


Thursday, 18 November 2010

A gormless expression, the ability to master the 'massaging temples' pose and the means to strip a photo of colour is all one needs in life, right? I'm not actually massaging away a migraine, but in fact peeling back my overgrown fringe to show you my 'Twiggyed' eyes. I have no excuses for the gormless expression.

Look look! Look at my eyes! That was fun. Now click next on your Google reader and let's pretend this never happened...


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

If you didn't know already, I LOVE a colour pop. And if the item is question is something an eccentric old lady might wear, bonus prints (triple bonus points if the lady in question is Iris Apfel). This bright green cardigan, therefore, was a no brainer. Look at the gold buttons! The bell sleeves! The swing shape! Turns out I've amassed quite the collection of bright separates - this is just the tip of the very colourful iceberg. My other favourites? The H&M pink swing coat which I bought years ago - SUCH a good buy. And this tomato red Cos dress, which I bought in a larger size so it would look even swingier. I always wear it with my OVK boots and a super high ponytail.

I hope you noticed that I matched my hat, jeans and boots, because I did that just for you. The other day I wore an entirely navy outfit - the hat and boots plus my indigo J Brand Love Storys and my boyfriend's navy jumper. Tonal dressing feels goooood.

Of course, the real star of this post is the elephant... He comes from Portobello market and loves colour popping almost as much as I do. I just need a name for him now... any ideas?

Outfit 1: Vintage cardigan, J Brand Gigi jeans, Office boots.

Outfit 2: Vintage hat, H&M coat, jeans and boots as before.

Outfit 3: Cos dress, Zara OVK boots.


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

(Photo by the gorgeous Jill from Street Style: Pics by Polka Dot)

One of the highlights of fashion week is always bumping into those faces I don't usually see any other time of the year, one of which is the wonderful Jill Adams, the photographer behind the lens of Street Style: Pics by Polka Dot and altogether a jolly wonderful girl. She's American but when I first saw her, I was sure she was Parisian - something about that Jane Birkin hair and the effortless cool she always exudes - think a pea coat with jeans or ankle socks with brogues. Anyway, this season I was lucky enough to be photographed by her again. Her post made me smile from ear to ear.

This necklace was a good buy. I got it in the ASOS sale for a mere £12 or so and it has become an integral part of many an outfit, as well as attracting many magpie-like admirers (Victoria Beckham and Christopher Kane have both paid me compliments on it!).


Sunday, 7 November 2010

For someone who loves colour, I own an awful lot of black shoes. There are a few brown or tan pairs in my wardrobe - but even then, I'll always wish I bought them in black, too. I realise I'm missing out on a world of sartorial opportunities so I'm easing myself in gently with this pair of blue suede booties from Office, still stained with Les Tuileries sand from my undignified fashion week fall.

Also, meet my new Gigi jeans! I must admit, I was a little sceptical when I read about the new 'cropped kick flare' but, being a J Brand devotee, I gave these a try and I haven't look back. I think I like them even more than my Love Story flares.

Wearing: J Brand Gigi jeans, Cos polo neck, Topshop coat, Office shoes.


Friday, 5 November 2010

You know when you buy and love an item so much that you want to wear it EVERY DAY but that would be weird so you settle for wearing it every other day but people still give you that look. That look that says 'You REALLY love that jumper don't you. Have you washed it yet?'

That's how I feel about my new jumper. I wear it always. Well, I limit myself to Tuesdays and Thursdays at work and then allll weekend. Because no one would know. Except now you do.

These pleather trousers were a good buy. I'm usually hideously fickle but these have been my go-to for a year now, and seem fresh for the new season rolled up a la Isabel Marant. With kitten heels, naturellement.

Wearing: Zara jumper, Topshop trousers, Zara heels.


Saturday, 30 October 2010

Image from Cafe Mode.

Images from Outre Chic.

Left: Paris Vogue, Right: Grazia

What? I hear you cry. More narcissistic fashion week photos that have been taken by someone else and simply reposted in the guise of a blog post?

I know, I know. I'm a bad blogger. The worst of the worst. The truth is, for the last month between having a day job, I've been rocking back and forth in a dark corner of my flat, wearing sweatpants and little make-up and shooting glares at my kitten heels whilst whining about my fashion week-induced bunions. I'm also on a spending ban. But you needn't worry - the sheer volume of clothes I amassed before the spending ban (the reason for it, no less) will keep the personal style (read: narcissistic) element of this blog running for at least another two years, by which time I may be contributing to the economy once again.

I blame Paris for all of this. On the last leg of my fashion expedition and having been surrounded by beautiful clothes for the last month, my judgement was slightly impaired. Add to this a hideous day during which I FELL ON MY FACE in the Tuileries (thanks to a pair of impossibly high blue suede boots) and a very angry taxi driver who THREW MONEY at me and my friend Scott outside Galeries Lafayette, and retail therapy seemed like the only option. Cue a crazy shopping spree where, on a whim, I purchased several Eiffel tower keyrings and one silver, quilted, brocade Isabel Marant jacket. Then I got drank several glasses of wine (ALONE) in Le Marais to numb the spending pain. See below pictoral evidence, taken shortly after:

Suffice to say, I realised the utter craziness of my purchase (although it did look cute with rolled up leather skinnies and chandelier earrings) and exchanged the silver bad boy for a classic, black tweedy number with leather trimmings, which I will blog soon, along with

- the aforementioned blue suede shoes
- red skinny jeans (rolled up with kitten heels)
- orange-red Jackie O wool dress
- big cosy intarsia knit jumper
- lace shirt (worn buttoned to the top with lots of pearls)
- evil eye jewellery
- J Brand Gigi jeans
- hats, lots o' hats

Anyway, the photos above are the last of the street style snaps. Rather neatly, they are each from a different fashion week. Here's what I wore in each:

Brown cords - taken outside Marni in Milan by Cafe Mode.
I was after a pair of high-waisted, camel flares a la ChloƩ but couldn't find any so settled for these corduroy babies from Zara. Worn with a Uniqlo polo neck, Zara bag (hello Celine) and Ray Ban Wayfarers.

Leopard coat - taken outside Mulberry in London by Outre Chic.
I don't think I'd wear this outfit anywhere but London. I got the red skinnies and coat from Topshop (I'm a sucker for merchandising as these were together on the shop floor), and the denim shirt from...Topshop. And the loafers...Topshop. Wow, I'm unimaginative. The bag is Anya Hindmarch, though. Phew.

Cable knit jumper - outside ChloƩ in Paris by Paris Vogue.
I was feeling lazy that day. The jumper is Topshop with Primark jeans and Zara OVK boots from last year. And my AH bag again.

Paisley skirt - at the Lincoln Centre, New York by Grazia (and also US Harper's Bazaar).
I'd picked the entire outfit up the night before during a spot of late night vintage shopping on the Lower East Side. Daha Vintage = a dream. The vintage shopping in NYC is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I'd felt a little disenchanted with London vintage shopping lately (identikit floral dresses and bad nineties t-shirts) and this made me excited about rummaging again. I didn't have much cash and so had to wave goodbye to an amazing red leather pencil skirt, pea green Escada box bag and striped red Chanel sweater. The shoes are M&S and the bag is vintage Louis Vuitton. This picture is in Grazia's Style Hunter this week, so if you want to see my smug little face in print, grab a copy.

I figure there's no time like the present (at the end of this bumper - and fairly incoherent - post) to include this self-taken shot of me in Les Tuileries. I am wearing my Paris Fashion Week uniform, of which you can only see a peek - trench, white shirt, J Brand Gigi jeans, kitten heels and my dad's Ray Ban Wayfarers.


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

As you may've guessed by now, I'm a sucker for a seventies silhouette. So I simply couldn't resist when this sick-yellow polo neck sweater called my name in Cos - you might say it was the cute shop assistant that sealed the deal, although I'd like to think it's the hardy wool texture and the slightly A-line shape. And of course that colour, which reminds me of a Chanel tunic I window shopped many a time in the South Kensington boutique.

Its natural partner seemed to be my trusty J Brand Love Story jeans - as soon as they clapped eyes on each other in my (coincidentally) seventies-style wardrobe (loving rental furniture - when did poo-brown melamine ever seem like a good idea), I couldn't keep them apart.

Here are two photos of this bad boy in action. The first is from LFW, shot by Wayne Tippets and the second from when I was in NY, taken by The Photo Diarist.

If you're wondering who the utterly beautiful and excruciatingly stylish girl on the right in the first picture is, well, you clearly haven't been doing your street style homework. That, my friends, is Lucy Williams, fashion assistant at InStyle (and former colleague of mine) and possibly the most photographed girl at London Fashion Week. And it's easy to see why - she harnesses the cool factor in the simplest of items, be it an oversized jumper, diaphanous maxi skirt or killer lace-up boots. She's also a total sweetheart. Not fair. I leave you with a fitting homage, photos from Stylist Muse's I Love Lucy post. Enjoy!


Saturday, 18 September 2010

I was syked to be photographed by Scott Schulman aka The Sartorialist last week.

I wore: Uniqlo polo neck, ASOS skirt, M&S shoes, Louis Vuitton bag and Hermes twilly.

P.s. I know, I know, I've been a bad blogger - just bear with me until fashion season is over and I will be back with a vengeance!


Thursday, 26 August 2010

The white shirt strikes again, this time with a camel skirt I picked up at COS. When the weather finally turns (I'm so excited for Winter), I plan on wearing it with a black polo neck and over the knee boots... I'm going to have a very Ali Macgraw Autumn.

(Wearing: Ralph Lauren shirt, COS skirt, M&S shoes.)


Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Did you miss my smug little facial expressions? Well, luckily for you, they're back, as I'm back in London after a sunny summer holiday spent in Provence, which I saw as the perfect excuse to dig out my checked capri pants. They grow to twice the size after being worn for a couple of hours, and I didn't have a belt to hand (an amazing thing considering my ton-heavy suitcase) so I improvised with my Hermes twilly. I'm currently OBSESSED with crisp, white shirts. I wear this one with camel trousers, leather skirts...everything.

And check out my new espadrilles! Is it acceptable to wear them in London? Thought not.

(Wearing: Ralph Lauren shirt, H&M trousers, Hermes scarf, Love Espadrilles shoes, LK Bennett bag and my dad's Ray Ban Wayfarers. Thanks Dad.)


Thursday, 29 July 2010

This isn't just any sick bag. It's a classic white, disposable M&S 'sick sack' (doesn't the word 'sack' make it ten times more stomach-wrenching?). You only get this bad boy if you happen to vomit up your guts in M&S. The first aider actually came into the cubicle with me and then led me to the taxi rank. Marks & Sparks = awesome customer service.

Here are some updates before I do a MONSTER POST with all my new clothes (there are lots):

1. You may have gathered this, but I am bed-blogging thanks to a nasty sickness bug I contracted a couple of days ago. I am consequently green of face, sans make-up and certainly not bloggable. I'm also missing the Drapers party tonight. Sucks.

2. The other day I thought I saw a baby carrying a tiny Louis Vuitton bag but it turns out its mother was carrying both it and a tiny Louis Vuitton bag. Still, creeped me out for a good ten minutes.

3. I bought a leopard print coat and red skinny jeans. I intend to wear this AS SOON as October hits with a beehive and lots and lots of black kohl. I wannabe an Isabel Marant girl.

4. I still haven't tried falafel - is that weird?

5. My latest purchase? A cream, cable knit jumper from Topshop that Ali McGraw would have totally worn in Love Story.

Now, YOUR turn.


Saturday, 10 July 2010




London is hot. I write this in a heat-induced delirium (might also account for the trippy photos). Tried to find something remotely interesting to say but my brain is fried. It's too hot to cook or even move but I managed to muster up the energy to open a can of peaches in syrup. YUM. Now I'm listening to Nuttin Nuh Go So on repeat.

Oh yeah. I'm wearing a Topshop dress, Primark bag, Talullah Tu ring, Topshop friendship bracelet, Michael Kors watch and Essie Lilacism nail polish.