Monday, 28 December 2009


My favourite press day of the season has to be Matches - not least because it's held in their Marylebone boutique, which just begs for some sneaky shopping afterwards (it's probably their plan all along - all that champagne on offer...), but also because the Matches girls - Chloe, Ruth and Hannah, namely, are such dolls. Here are some photos of me at their press day and bloggers' breakfast at the last LFW respectively. They're from the awesome Matches Blog.

1st: Wearing - H&M cardigan and blouse, vintage leather skirt, Tallulah Tu rings (I bought two of their Dries-esque bauble rings and wear them together) and Chanel bag, which the girls let me borrow and stroke lovingly for ten minutes.

2nd: You can't see but I'm wearing one of my favourite outfits: my beloved Zara blush blazer, bleached out skinny jeans, and patent black Ferragamo Vara pumps.


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